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2020,Income from audiobook salesin the United States it reached $1.3 billion, continuing the upward trend that began in 2018.

One of the most popular audiobook platforms is Audible.

Audible is an American audiobook and podcast service that allows you to purchase and stream audiobooks and other forms of spoken content.

A subsidiary of Amazon, Audible is ideal for anyone who enjoys reading audiobooks or listening to podcasts.

Customers pay a subscription fee each month that gives them access to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and originals.

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There are two plans to choose from, including Audible Plus, which costs $7.95 per month, and Audible Premium Plus, which costs $14.95 per month.

With an Audible subscription, you can listen to any audiobook from the "included" library, regardless of which subscription you purchase. It is basically an audiobook streaming service.

However, not all content is included in the subscription. If you want to listen to an audiobook that isn't included in your subscription, you'll need Audible credit.

If you want to keep an audiobook, you must purchase it with an Audible credit.

You can use an Audible credit to buy any audiobook, regardless of price.

Tracks you buy from Audible with credit are yours to keep and use.descargarthrough multiple devices. Even if you cancel your Audible membership, your account will remain active, which means the tracks you bought with credit will always be available on whatever device you listen to.

Since some audiobooks can cost you as much as $40, using credit to buy them can save you a ton of money!

That's why it's a great idea to get extra credits when you can.

What am I going to learn?

How to get free Audible credits

Below I will give you tips on how to get free Audible credits.

1. Get free credits when you sign up for an Audible free trial

The easiest way to get free Audible credit is to sign up for an Audible free trial.


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As I mentioned earlier, Audible offers two membership options:

  • Plus audible
  • Audible Premium Plus

Both types of membership offer a 30-day free trial.

If you sign up for a free trial of Audible Premium Plus membership and are a Prime member, you can get 2 free credits.

A standard trial of Audible Premium Plus includes 1 credit.

You can sign up for a free trialHere.

2. Opt for the Audible Premium Plus membership

After your Audible free trial expires, you can still get free credits.

However, you will need an Audible Premium Plus membership.

Audible Premium Plus membership is more expensive than Audible Plus membership.

Audible Plus membership is just $7.95 per month while Audible Premium Plus membership is $14.95 per month.

While the Audible Premium Plus membership is more expensive, you get 1 free credit every month. So you get 12 free credits every year. The best part is that you can keep your monthly credit for up to a year.

While you might consider the cheaper membership option, if you're looking for more Audible credits, you should definitely go for the Audible Premium Plus membership.

3. Consider annual plans and plans that come with extra credits

Well, I mentioned earlier that there are two main types of Audible plans and how much each costs.

There are actually a few different types of Audible Premium Plus memberships that give you extra credits or credits for less money than the regular monthly plan.

The number of credits you get and how much it costs depends on the membership option you choose.

So if you want to buy audiobooks and keep them instead of just streaming them from the one that came with itlibrary, then you may want to go for a membership plan that offers more free credits each month, or an annual plan that gives you credits at a lower cost than the monthly plan.

These are the credits available with each Audible Premium Plus membership option:

  • Audible Premium Plus Annual: 12 credits per year

Audible Plus annual membership gives you 12 free credits per year, that's 1 free credit per month, just like the regular Audible Premium Plus monthly membership.

The difference is the cost. The annual membership is actually cheaper.

  • The Audible Premium Plus monthly plan costs $14.95 per month.
  • The Audible Premium Plus annual plan costs $149.50 per year, which is only about $12.45 per month.

So you get the same number of credits with the annual plan as with the monthly membership, but it will cost you less money.

  • Audible Premium Plus: 2 Monat pro credits

This membership includes 2 credits per month for all premium selection titles. It costs $22.95 per month. So you get 24 credits per year.

  • Audible Premium Plus Annual – 24 credits

There is an annual version of the previous Audible Premium Plus membership: 2 credits per month. Like this membership, you get 24 credits per month but pay annually for the membership.

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It costs $229.50 per year. Dividing that by 12 gives a cost of about $19.12 per month. Like I said before, if you pay monthly for the same membership with the old plan, it costs $22.95 per month.

So if your budget allows you to pay for the membership annually, you should definitely consider the 24-credit annual option. That's cheaper.

4. Return the books (but not too often)

Audible Premium Plus members can return tracks without losing credit. So if you want to return an audiobook you bought on credit, you can do so and get the credit back.

The return policy is designed to help members who want to try a new storyteller or story without losing credit or returning titles they accidentally purchased.

Amazon will refund the purchase to the payment method you used. So if you paid for the audiobook with a credit card, you'll get the refund on your credit card, and if you used Audible Wallet to purchase the audiobook, you'll get the refund as Audible Wallet.

Technically, this means that you can return a book after listening to it and get the credit back, and use that credit to buy another book, essentially for free. However, this is a bit morally dubious and I wouldn't recommend doing it too often.

amazon says“Our ability to provide this policy is contingent on our members using it only for those purposes. We reserve the right to monitor returns for abuse, such as B. Excessive returns, frequent returns of tracks after long listening, or returns of multiple tracks at once. In cases where we determine that return privileges are being abused, Audible reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit the number of returns allowed by any member, including, without limitation, the loss of return privileges. ”.

If you buy a book and decide you don't like it, you don't have to worry about wasting credit. You can return the book for a refund and get your credit back. Returns must be made within 365 days of purchase.

  • Learn how to return an audiobook to AudibleHere.

5. Get free PayPal Cash and use it to buy 3 credits

If you are running low on your monthly or annual Audible Premium Plus membership balance and it is before your renewal date, you will occasionally see a special offer where you can purchase additional credits.

This special offer also applies if you have a gift membership, pause your membership, or switch to another Premium Plus membership.

Here are the criteria that can trigger this special offer when on the Audible website:

  • You have been an Audible Premium Plus member for at least 30 days
  • You have one or zero credits left on your account.

Here are the criteria that can trigger this special offer when on the Audible Google Play or iOS app:

  • You have been an Audible Premium Plus member for at least 30 days
  • You have no credits left in your account

You can buy 3 additional credits. It's usually around $35 for all 3 credits. That means you can get 3 audiobooks and each will cost you around $11.66. Since some audiobooks can cost as much as $40, that's a lot.

Of course, the cost of purchasing the 3 credits pack will vary, so please check the exact price offered when you purchase those additional credits.

While purchasing these extra credits can save you money on audiobooks, there is a way to get these credits for free!

That means you don't have to pay anything to get three additional books.

All you have to do is use rewards websites.

Rewards sites are sometimes called "paid" sites because they pay you for completing tasks like watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games.

Many of these sites andYou pay for the applications through PayPal. You can simply transfer your earnings to your bank account and then use the money to buy those extra credits. Then you have 3 extra credits for free!

Here are some great rewards sites:


Swagbucks is one of the most famous rewards sites out there.

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Swagbucks pays you for:

  • play games
  • Purchase online
  • browse the internet
  • do surveys
  • Watch videos
  • complete offers
  • Upload your receipts

Completing these tasks earns you points called Swag Points (SB) from Swagbucks.

You can redeem your points for money in your PayPal account.

Simply transfer your money from your PayPal account to your bank account and use your included credit or debit card to purchase Audible prepaid. You basically get the credits for free!

Oh, and Swagbucks also offers Amazon gift cards as a PayPal option. While Audible does not acceptAmazon CouponsAs a payment option, you can use Amazon gift cards to pay for your Prime membership.

And as I said before, being a Prime member is beneficial because you can get 2 free credits with your free trial instead of 1 credit that comes with the standard free trial.

If you pay for your Prime membership with an Amazon gift card, you basically get it for free!

Use the link in the section header to earn $5 just for signing up.


InboxDollars will pay you for a variety of tasks like:

  • Purchase online
  • do surveys
  • read emails
  • play games

These are tasks you're probably already doing anyway, so why not get paid for them?

You can transfer cash to your PayPal account for free. Once again, you can transfer this money to your bank account and use it to purchase these 3 hearing credits for free.

InboxDollars also offers gift cards that can save you money on other purchases and even get you free stuff. you want for exampleFree books? Redeem your earnings for an Amazon Gift Card and use it to pay for books.


Qmee is another really good rewards site that pays you for doing tasks like:

  • Purchase online
  • do surveys
  • internet search

The great thing about rewards sites like Qmee and Swagbucks is that they give you money for tasks you're probably doing anyway. They offer such an easy way to earn extra money.

The best thing about Qmee, apart from offering you an easy way to earn money, is that there is no minimum withdrawal amount. That means you can get your profits fast!

You can transfer your money to your PayPal account. You can then move it into your bank account and use the money to earn some free Audible credits. Qmee also offers gift cards so you can save money on other things and get many other gifts!


Rewardr is an app to get free cash to buy more Audible credits.

It is worth it for:

  • download apps
  • play games
  • complete surveys

You can transfer the money directly to your PayPal account.

Once again, you can transfer the money from PayPal to your bank account and essentially use it to buy hearing credits for free.

quick rewards

QuickRewards is a rewards site where you can earn free money to buy Audible credits.

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QuickRewards pays you the following:

  • play games
  • complete offers
  • do surveys

You can be paid directly into your PayPal account. You can then transfer the money to your bank account and use it to get those 3 extra Audible credits for free.

The best thing about QuickRewards is that you can withdraw your earnings with as little as 1 cent in your account. So you don't have to wait forever to withdraw your funds. Once you've earned enough to pay for Audible credits, you can withdraw your earnings and earn additional credits for free.

6. Keep an eye out for Audible sales and deals

If you want free credits and want to save money on Audible credits, keep an eye out for Audible sales and offers.

For example, with a Premium Plus membership, you can access offers and savings like:

  • 30% off additional audiobook purchases
  • exclusive raffles
  • The Audible Daily sale, a special discount offer audiobook for members only. Audible Daily Deal changes every day.

You can take advantage of these deals offered by Audible to get more for your credits.

One type of great deal that Audible offers with a Premium Plus membership is the 2 for 1 deal. With this deal, you can use your credit to get two books for the price of one!

Audible members can choose from a selection of titles in the 2 for 1 store. Beware of the 2 for 1 offer as you can get a free book!

For the past several years, Audible has run its 2-for-1 sale in February. However, it is important to keep an eye out for offers throughout the year.

7. Share audiobooks with Amazon Household

Amazon Household is a feature that allows you to share your Amazon/Audible content with another Amazon account. So, for example, if you want more audiobooks for your spouse but don't want to spend more credits, you can easily share the ones you've already purchased with others.

Household members can be:

  • Up to two adults, each with their own Amazon account.
  • Up to four children. Children do not need an Amazon account to have a profile.

Amazon Household allows you to share your purchased Audible titles between two adult household profiles. So if you and your spouse want to listen to the same audiobook, but don't want to spend the credit, you can share the audiobooks you purchased.

You may not share your Audible Premium Plus membership credits or titles included in the Plus catalog with other members of your Amazon household.

It's important to note that with Amazon Household you not only share your Amazon/Audible content with another Amazon account, but also your payment methods.

  • Learn more about Amazon homeHere.

8. Check out the free section on Audible

Audible credits are great because you can use them to get free books.

However, there is a way to get free audiobooks on Audible without having to use your credits.

And it's easy! Just browse the free section of Audible.

Audible offers a wide range of free audiobooks and podcast series. Any audiobook or podcast in the Free Audiobooks & Podcasts section will say "Buy for $0.00" on the product detail page. So you can get the book or podcast for free.

  • Browse free audiobooks and podcasts on AudibleHere.

9. Get free audiobooks on other platforms

Sure, Audible is great for audiobooks. But it is not the only platform that you can use to listen to books. There are also other platforms that offer a wide range of audiobooks, and many of them offer titles for free!

That means you don't have to pay a penny for audiobooks.

Here are some websites and apps that offer free audiobooks:


Free Audible Credits Hack

With so many easy and legal ways to get free Audible credits, there's no reason to search for so-called free Audible credits.hacks“.

Just use our tips and tricks to get free Audible credits so you can listen to Audible audiobooks for free!


How do I get free Amazon Audible credits? ›

Start an Audible Free Trial

All new Audible members can get a free trial of the app. In 2021, the Audible 30-day free trial came with three free credits for audiobooks.

How do I get unlimited Audible access? ›

Audible Plus is a monthly membership which includes access to unlimited streaming and listening from the Audible Plus Catalog. Look for the "included" tag and hit "play now" to instantly stream from the app. You can also save these titles to your Library or download to listen off-line.

Can you get unlimited Audible free trials? ›

The Audible free trial comes with a 30-day membership which includes: Listen to unlimited audiobooks and spoken word content in the Audible Plus Catalog.

How do I give a free book on Audible? ›

To share an Audible book with a friend, just open your Audible app and push the “My Library” button at the bottom of the screen. Then find the Audible audiobook that you want to share and tap the three dots to the right of the title. One of the options that pops up will be “Send this Book.”

Why do I have 0 credits on Audible? ›

If you did not receive your credit(s), your monthly membership charge may not have processed yet. To check the status of a membership charge, please visit your Membership History page on the Audible desktop site.

How do I get unlimited audiobooks for free? ›

Public libraries are a great option for listening to unlimited audiobooks for free! Just like a visit to the library, a particular title may not be in stock. Availability will depend on factors including the size of your library, how popular a title is, and how many audiobooks are stocked.

Does Audible have max credits? ›

Example: Customer A is on the Premium Plus monthly membership with 6 credits.
Membership PlanRollover Limit
Audible membership5 Credits
Audible Membership – 12 Credits Annually6 Credits
Audible Membership – 2 Credits Monthly10 Credits
Audible Membership – 24 Credits Annually12 Credits

Is there a maximum number of Audible credits? ›

This is a reminder that you can only hold up to 6 credits at a time. Please take a moment to choose a new audiobook or two."

Does Audible still give free books? ›

How to get free books on Audible. When you sign up to a free 30-day membership with Audible, you'll receive one free audiobook to get you started. If you continue your membership on one of Audible's plans, you'll receive regular credits which can be exchanged for a title of your choice.

How long is Audible free? ›

Audible is a membership service that provides customers with the world's largest selection of audiobooks as well as podcasts, exclusive originals and more. Your Audible membership is free for 30 days. If you enjoy your Audible trial, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue.

Do free Audible credits expire? ›

Jun 28, 2022•Knowledge

Do Audible credits expire? Yes, credits expire one year after they were purchased.

Are there any truly free audio books? ›

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg, of course, is the classic site for free books that are in the public domain. And now, their section on human-read free audiobooks offers an even wider collection of books.

Where can I download audiobooks for free? ›

11 sites to download audiobooks for free
  • Scribl. To find newly released books, head over to Scribl. ...
  • Storynory. Audiobooks aren't just for adults, but for kids too! ...
  • Lit2Go. ...
  • Spotify. ...
  • ThoughtAudio. ...
  • Internet Archive. ...
  • Loyal Books. ...
  • Open Culture.
Jul 14, 2022

Can you give an Audible book as a gift? ›

Go to audible.com and sign into your Audible or Amazon account. Find and click on the audiobook you want to purchase as a gift. Click or tap More options then click Give as a gift. Next, choose how you want to send your gift - either through an email or as a printable card.

Why do I only get 1 book a month with Audible? ›

Remember that if you purchase any Audible subscription you can listen to any book in their “included” library as much as you want. It's just the higher tier subscriptions that let you keep one book, but those also let you listen to any book in the library.

Are all books on Audible 1 credit? ›

Most of the titles on Audible are just one credit - regardless of price. Some language lesson audiobooks and multiple-month radio subscriptions are sold as bundles which results in more than one credit. You can, however, purchase individual language lesson audiobooks or single-month radio subscriptions if you prefer.

Can you only have 6 credits on Audible? ›

Example: Customer A is on a Premium Plus plan with 6 credits. On their next membership renewal date, they will lose one credit because they have exceeded the membership credit limit of 6 credits for that particular plan.

What app for free audiobooks with library card? ›

Meet Libby, an app that lets you log in to your local library to access ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines, all for the reasonable price of free. Sign in, link your library card, and go—it's that simple.

What is the largest audiobook app? ›

Audible. Audible** is the biggest and most well-known audiobook subscription. They have been around for a long time and are part of Amazon. So they can afford to offer their members benefits that other audiobook apps can't give you.

How do I listen to a full book on Audible? ›

How can I listen to Audible audiobooks? Once you purchase a title, you can listen to it using the Audible app for iOS and Android, or by visiting your library on the Audible website.

How much is 3 credits on Audible? ›

The best way to enjoy additional credits is to purchase them. There are three-credit bundles available that you can access after being a member for at least one month. The price for the bundle is around $35.

Do I lose my Audible books if I cancel? ›

What happens to my purchased audiobooks if I cancel my Audible Premium Plus membership? Nothing at all. Any titles you purchase with a credit or credit card are yours to keep forever.

Did Audible get rid of credits? ›

Note: Credits received from an Audible iOS app membership or an Audible Google Play membership do not expire, and will remain in your account after cancellation. Extra credits purchased in the iOS and Google Play apps do not expire either.

How often does Audible give free credits? ›

Credits are issued on your membership's renewal date. This may be once every month or once a year depending on your membership plan.

How many Audible books can I have? ›

Is there a limit on how many Plus Catalog titles I can add to my library or stream? No. Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus members can listen all they want to the Plus Catalog.

Is there another app like Audible? ›

LibriVox and the Audiobooks app

Another good Audible alternative is LibriVox. With LibriVox and its catalog, you can download audiobooks read by volunteers from around the world. Seek out and place these books on your iPod, computer, or mobile device.

How many Audible free trials are there? ›

Is there an Audible free trial? Audible offers a one-month free trial, offering two free audiobooks and a chance to test out the other features included with an Audible subscription.

How is it legal for Audible credits to expire? ›

Note: All credits received from returning a title expire 12 months after they are issued, regardless of the original credit type or where it was received. Need some ideas about how to spend your credits?

Can I borrow audio books? ›

Looking for free audiobooks? With Libby, Hoopla, SimplyE, and cloudLibrary, you can easily borrow from your local library, then listen to them on all your devices. You can always buy audiobooks from Amazon, Audible, Google, and other retailers, but why not borrow from your local library instead?

Are audiobooks free on Spotify? ›

Unfortunately, audiobooks on Spotify are not free, even if you already pay for a premium membership. Audiobook prices range from $3 for shorter works like children's books, up to about $40 for sagas like George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones.

Are there free Prime audiobooks? ›

Does Prime have free audio books? Yes! All you have to do is search for “Books with Audible Narration in Prime Reading”, and you'll get hundreds of free audiobooks for listening (or borrowing). You will get plenty of popular books by popular authors.

Can I share Audible credits with family? ›

While Amazon Household does allow you to share your purchased Audible titles between two adult household profiles, you cannot share your Audible Premium Plus membership credits or titles included in the Plus Catalog with the other member of your Amazon Household.

Do Audible gift cards expire? ›

Once a Gift Membership is redeemed, credits issued in connection with that Gift Membership expire twelve (12) months after the date they were issued.

How much do Audible credits cost? ›

Audible Premium Plus - 1 Credit: $14.95/month: includes the Plus Catalog + 1 credit per month for any premium selection title. Audible Premium Plus - 2 Credits: $22.95/month: includes the Plus Catalog + 2 credits per month for any premium selection titles.

Can you get free Audible books with Amazon Prime? ›

Prime members access free eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more. Prime Reading.

Can you get free audiobooks? ›

You can find free audiobooks without subscribing to Audible or another subscription service. Sites like LibrVox, Internet Archive, and Lit2Go offer a vast number of mainly public domain books for download.

Are there no free books on Audible? ›

Stream hundreds of free audiobooks, podcasts, and more. No trial or membership required. Simply sign in with your Amazon account.

How to get free Kindle Unlimited? ›

Upon receiving and registering your device, you will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your offer of 4 months of Kindle Unlimited for Free ($39.96 Value). After the 4-month free trial period, you Kindle Unlimited membership will auto-renew for $9.99 per month (+ any applicable taxes).

Do all Audible books cost 1 credit? ›

Most of the titles on Audible are just one credit - regardless of price. Some language lesson audiobooks and multiple-month radio subscriptions are sold as bundles which results in more than one credit. You can, however, purchase individual language lesson audiobooks or single-month radio subscriptions if you prefer.

How many Audible credits can I have? ›

On their next membership renewal date, they will lose one credit because they have exceeded the membership credit limit of 6 credits for that particular plan.
Membership PlanCredit Limit
Audible Premium Plus Annual - 12 Credits18 Credits / year
Audible Premium Plus - 2 Credits12 Credits / month
3 more rows


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