Citi's new MD list reveals some important things about the bank (2023)

Citi's list of new CEOs (MDs) was released today. We've added the 306 names in the memo, along with the acronyms outlining their subdivisions, to the bottom of this page.

If you don't want to review each name individually, here is our information on the names and distribution of this year's promotions across Citi's divisions.

IfGoldman Sachs, Citi's list of new CEOs is one of the most comprehensive. In 2020, it carried 241 people. He carried 306 that year, a 27% increase.

The increase in MD promotions reflects the fact that Citi has had a good year. It's also a way of retaining employees without necessarily paying them a large bonus. However, Citi will have raised the salaries of its new MDs to between $400,000 and $540,000, which is the common rate for its senior executives based on the H1B visa database. - So the promotions come at a cost.

In 2020, Citi promoted 70 women. He carried 104 that year, a 49% increase.

Citi hired 52 new employees in banking and capital markets this year, up from 44 last year. 50 people were promoted in global markets, so promotions were roughly evenly distributedfront officeInvestment Banking Professionals.

As Citi invests in operations and controls, it pushes hard in related areas

As of December 2020, Citiwas punished$400 million for "unsafe and unsound banking practices" and ordered to improve its risk management and control systems. As a result, the bank invested and hired heavily in controls and infrastructure, and this year's round of MD promotions reflects the following: 37 MDs were promoted from Risk and 18 from Technology at the Investment Bank, including David Gong in Regulatory Technology and Dennis Urusov in customer reference data, both in New York City, and Abhishek Nigam, who was hired by HSBC in October 2020 to help implement FRTB regulations.

Citi's MD listing suggests it's also focusing on its core business as a broker. At least three people have been promoted to Prime, including: Holmi Atig, Global Head of Research for Prime and Delta One Quant in London; Matt Coote, Global Head of Prime Finance and Cash In-Business Risk in New York, and Mike Charnley, Global Head of Major Brokerage Middle Office. After Archegos, Citi is clearly focused on its bp controls as well.

This year's promotions include Nimrod Barak, global head of Citi's Innovation Labs. Barak joined us in 2019 from a strategic consulting firm in Israel. Among other things, he is responsible for Citi's push into the blockchain.

This year's Citi MD List includes numerous dealers who are relatively new to Citi. They include Abbas Zaidi, the New York-based head of high yield trading who joined from Goldman Sachs in April 2020, and Dimitry Levin, a interest rate options trader who joined from Eisler Capital last year.

Shell Adams, EO&T

Javier Alcántara, operations and fraud prevention

Bojan Aleksic, CSIS

Majed Al Hassoun, BCMA

Amal Aly, ICG Risks and Controls

Emmanuel Amor, Risk Management

David Angella, Global Markets

Maria Anorga, BCMA

Jeffrey Arestivo, Private Banking

Rahul Arora, Global Markets

Thor Askeland, Private Bank

Up Holmi, Global Markets

Vincent Au, Global Markets

Oren Avraham, Global Markets

Jamie Azhar, risk management

Krishna Balachander, Global Markets

Mayra Balcazar, commercial bank

Marina Balzac, Risk Management

Nimrod Barak, O&T von ICG

Anna Baranska, Internal Audit

Bryan Barker, Financing and Securitization

Nicholas Baumgartner, right

Caryn Bell, BCMA

Jens Bender, BCMA

Ulrich Bender, risk management

Bergelind Class, Global Markets

Lee Betteridge, Interne Revision

David Beven, BCMA

Rohit Bhan, Risk Management

Naresh Bhatia, ICG Customer Service

Pratik Bhattacharjee, Consumidor de Asia

Jalpa Bhavsar, Operations and Fraud Prevention

Simon Bracken, O&T by ICG

Felicia Bradshaw, Operations and Fraud Prevention

Matt Brem, US Consumer

Paul Brennan, Global Markets

David Brooks, BCMA

Steve Buonvino, TTS

Aurelia Cai, Global Markets

Rick Campbell, Financing and Securitization

Richard Cao, right

Nicholas Carn, Finance

Gareth Carter, private bank

Pierre Castaing, BCMA

Vivianne CaumontFinanzas

Chris Cawley, Institutionelles Kreditmanagement.

San San Chan, Citi Global Wealth

Michael Charnley, ICG O&T

Hatti Cheung, Risk Management

Adeline Chew, BCMA

Anna Choe, Law

Piyush Choudhary, BCMA

Claire Chung, ICG O&T

Loy Chwan Shyong, Operations and Fraud Prevention

Kimberley Claman, Global Public Affairs

Martin Cloke, Global Markets

Margaret Closius, Commercial Bank

Kerry Cochran, Privatbank

Brendan Coleman, TTS

Ahide Contreras, EO&T

Murray Coon, Human Resources

Matthew Coote, Global Markets

Jean-Paul Corda, Global Markets

Kira Cordoba-Brown, Human Resources

Kevin Cui, Privatbank

Neil Cullen, Global Markets

Contract Judge, BCMA

Shirish Damle, O&T von ICG

Nikki Darden, Global Public Affairs

Almas Dautbek, Global Markets

Maria De La Cadena, Private Bank

Luis De La Cerda, Global Market

Ken DeNatale, ICRM

Sameer Deshpande, Wealth global de Citi

Alvaro De Velasco, BCMA

Sandra Diaz, TTS

Arnika Dixit, Asia Consumer

Ryan Djabbarah, Global Public Affairs

Joe Doucas, Global Markets

Manu Dua, Global Markets

Javier Escobar, BCMA

Tracey Fabricius, Privatbank

Kyle Falconi, Global Markets

Irene Fayn, Finance

Guillaume Flamarion, Mercados Globales

Wyatt Alexander Flores, Global Markets

Laura Fogg, Commercial Bank

Samson Frankel, right

Cynthia Frederick, US Consumer. UU.

Yohann Freoa, Global Markets

Chris Gallo Finance

Isabel Ganduglia, consumer from Mexico

Orsolya Gantner, Legal Department

Regina Garcia, Mexico Consumer

Ana Belen Garzon Rodriguez, TTS

Paul Giarratano, Risk Management

Stephan Giczewski, Interne Revision

Sean Glennan, BCMA

David Gong, ICG O&T

Gabriel González, ICG-Franchisemanagement

Sinead Goss, Legal

Rajesh Goyal, Global Markets

Mark Grace, BCMA

Pedro Grau, Risk Management

Nataliya Grigorova, Risk Management

Sejal Gross, Finance

Scott Gruber, Global Markets

Nina Guichard, Institutional Kreditmanagement.

Saurabh Ram Gupta, TTS

Brian Hand, Finanzas

Evelyn Hayes, Interne Revision

Javier Hernández, TTS

Conor Hession, Securities Services

Roy Hiatt, Global Markets

Eileen Higgins, private bank

Juan Himiob, risk management

Eloise Holland, right

Andrew Hollenhorst, Global Markets

Charles Hop de Chillaz, BCMA

Julia Hsu, BCMA

Jeannine Hyman, Finance

Daniele Iacopetti, BCMA

Kaushik Jagadish, ICRM

Ali Jahangiri, EO&T

Pankaj Jain, BCMA

Elliot Jenks, BCMA

Eric Jetter, BCMA

Claudia Jimenez, ICRM

Kirk Jones, BCMA

Rajiv Jumani, BCMA

Declan Kane, O&T von ICG

Greg Kantrowitz, BCMA

Maria Kapilla, Finance

Juan Katz, Private Banking

Aysim Kaya Kioupritzis, Finance

Jamie Keane, BCMA

Bedriye Kebanli, Risk Management

Kate Kenney, Global Public Affairs

Oliver Kersh, Privatbank

Sharronjeet Khela, BCMA

Chong Soon Khoo, Risk Management

Ji-Kang Kim, Consumer of Asia

Irina Kosyachenko, O&T by ICG

Adán Krol, Recht

Zeynep Kudatgobilik, ICG Risks and Controls

Leonid Kuliyev, O&T del ICG

Gunjan M. Kumar, BCMA

Satyam Kumar, ICG-Franchisemanagement

Sunil Kumar, TTS

José Kwon, BCMA

Joydeep Lahiri, Risk Management

Allan Lai, Right

Joyce Lam, BCMA

Eric Lau, Global Markets

Andy Leamon, BCMA

Caren Lee, Global Public Affairs

Joo Hyeon (JH) Lee, EO&T

Arnaud Lefebvre, Global Markets

Elias Levenson, ICRM

Dimitry Levin, Global Markets

Iris Li, BCMA

Anna Li, Privatbank

Mary Li, ICG Financial Resource Management

Roman Licznerski, Auditoría Interna

Steve Liebelt, BCMA

Ardith Lindsey, Global Markets

Christopher David Long, Interne Revision

Andrew LoveLegal

Milind Mainkar, Risk Management

Josephine Majewski, ICG Franchisemanagement

Oscar Mangini, TTS

Helmut Mannhardt, Finanzas

Gabriel Manzano, Global Markets

Ben Marmot, US Consumer

Paco Martinez, Operations and Fraud Prevention

William Mascaro, Securities Services

Virag Masuraha, Operations and Fraud Prevention

Robert Mathisen, O&T by ICG

George Mayer, CIRM

Robert McDonald, Risk Management

Brennan McDonough, Human Resources

Christine McWilliams, TTS

Asli Meco Yenisey, Riskimanagement

Rauno Christian Merklein, BCMA

Nasir Mian, Securities Services

Adriano Milani, TTS

Jason Min, BCMA

Daniel Mitchell, Global Markets

Mark Mitchell, Private Bank

Naveen Media, BCMA

Bryan Mizeur, Interne Revision

Melinda Moczo, Global Markets

Nazarien Monasebian-Knafo, Privatbank

Monjes Bill, EO&T

José Antonio Moreno Crivelli, TTS

Davide Moresco, Risk Management

Kunal Motiani, Risk Management

Julie Moyers, Interne Revision

Andrew Murray, Global Markets

Rhiannon Nakano, Finance

Sanjay Nambiar, Asian consumer

Umar Nawab, Human Resources

Arash Nazhad, BCMA

Sirin Neyzi, BCMA

Claude-Stephanie Ngningha, BCMA

Abhishek Nigam, O&T von ICG

Christopher Norman, BCMA

Maja Nowakowska, Risikomanagement

Christopher Ochs, private bank

Justine O'Connor, BCMA

Mags O'Connor, Head of Administration Office

Alexandre Miguel Oliveira, Mercados Globales

Jaime Orendaín, BCMA

Sebastian Perczak, Handelsbank

Fernando Pereira, ICG-Franchisemanagement

Vito Pietanza, Risk management

Michele Pitts, Securities Services

Maurizio Polcino, Privatbank

David Prestage, TTS

Benjamin Price, Global Markets

Varittha Prichapanich, Risk Management

Xiaowei Pua, Internet Revision

Marjan Quadir, ICRM

RB Rajendar, GCB Business Simplification and Data Management.

Narayanan Ramakrishnan, O&T von ICG

Laurie Rebholz, Personal

Mathias Reichelsdorfer, private bank

Roger Reynolds, Risk Management

Richard Rivera, BCMA

Angelique Roberts, ICRM

Axel Romo, Mexico consumer

Edward Ruff, BCMA

Lisa Ryer, ICG O&T

Bhagat Sabharwal, Risk Management

Sukhendu Sahu, O&T von ICG

Maybel Saleh, BCMA

Papa Sall, ICG-Franchisemanagement

Shama Sarada, GCB-Technologie

Ryan Savitz, BCMA

Shervone Saw, Banco ad

Gina Schoeman, Global Markets

Virginia Scholl, Global Markets

Fernando Senso Castilla, Private Banking

Victoria Shafran, Finance

Amit Shah, Global Markets

Sonal Shah, Human Resources

Julie (Jung-Ran) Shin, Global Markets

Andrey Shiryaev, Risikomanagement

Rick Simpson, Financing and Securitization

Bobby Sinclair, risk management

Gagandeep Singh, Finance

Gurbani Singh, Risk Management

Sarab Singh, Human Resources

Aerin Smith, Global Markets

Alison Smith, Interne Revision

Martha Smyk, GCB-Technologies

Alicia Sokolowski, ICG-Franchisemanagement

Anil Solleti, GCB-Technologie

Savy Sriram, Risk Management

Martin Stackler, Global Markets

David Stares, Risk Management

Kathy Stokes, Risk Management

Matthew Stovin-Bradford, O&T by ICG

Mark Sugden, Commercial Bank

Sarah Sutton, Securities Services

Damien Tan, BCMA

Tanja Taneva, BCMA

Zuliana Tann, BCMA

Celia Taub, Human Resources

Pallavi Tawde, Risk Management

Thomas Taylor, Finance

Matthew Teather, Global Markets

Maxim Terlovsky, Interne Revision

Yannis Theocharis, Institutionelles Kreditmanagement.

Josh Tomsik, Human Resources

Garo Torossian, Financing and Securitization

Nicole Toulis Sardo, TTS

Walter Trotta, O&T of the ICG

Melissa Tuozzolo, TTS

Piotr Tyminski, commercial bank

Orcun Unlu, Global Markets

Denis Urusov, O&T del ICG

Eric Velay, Financing and Securitization

Peter Ventouras, BCMA

Valeria Vitola, ICRM

Duan Wang, Risk Management

Wenwen Wang, Global Markets

Anthony Warden, O&T von ICG

Robert Watson, Risk Management

Chris Wen, BCMA

Michael Westmuckett, Global Markets

Matthew Wilkings, Global Markets

Albert Wong, commercial bank

Alice Wong, Human Resources

Joe Wood, TTS

Christopher Wren, BCMA

Audrey Wu, Global Markets

Venessa Xu, TTS

Ricardo Yepes, Private Bank

Amy Yu, Interne Revision

Phoebe Yu, Global Markets

Ricardo Yuki, Risikomanagement

Abbas Zaidi, Global Markets

Shu Zhang, Privatbank

Shenwei Zhu, BCMA

Michael Zinkowski, Private Banking

BCMA: Banking, Capital Markets and Consulting
CSIS: Citi's investigative and security services
EO&T: Business Operations and Technology
GCB: World Consumer Bank
ICG: Institutional Client Group
ICRM: Independent Compliance Risk Management
O&T: Operations and Technology
TTS: Treasury and trading solutions

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