Destiny 2 Beyond Light — przewodnik rajdu Deep Stone Crypt (2023)

I'm looking for the Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt raidguide?We have a step-by-step guide for each appointment. If you're new to Destiny, raids are space end game. You'll need to get five other players to try one out and make sure your weapons and armor are up to date to the point where you won't instantly run out of breath.

Every raid onfree computer gamecreate different boss fights that have different mechanics to solve, making each encounter almost like a puzzle. You too will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts, just like everyone else.destiny 2the raid contains high level loot such as armor and weapons.

First meeting: protect the vault

The upper floor has two large rooms, one of which is better lit than the other, which is why we call it Light or White and the other Dark or Black. Below these large rooms is a single basement that can be accessed from the base of the map.

Both Light and Dark have three fuses on the inside wall (your ultimate goal is to destroy them) and four smaller independent cylinders scattered around the main floor. These four cylinders extend underground to the basement, where a control panel is attached to each of them. The cylinder further down the basement from the entrance has a second panel on a nearby wall. That's a total of ten control panels, split evenly between Light and Dark. Number them L1 to 5 and D1 to 5. You can see the control panels in the basement below through the glass floor around each cylinder, and at the start of the match everyone can go down to the basement to look around, so take this It's time to agree which panels are which.

There are two perks, an operator (which is red) and a scanner (which is yellow), and three booster machines where you can deposit and collect perks: one in the light, one in the dark, and one in the basement. Only the operator can activate the control panels (by shooting or hitting them). To activate the damage phase, the operator must knock down four of the ten panels in the basement. They will always have to shoot two on each side. Shooting the wrong panel activates the kitchen in the basement, which kills the operator. The scanner boost allows you to identify the firing panels - they will be highlighted with a golden glow.

The fuses on the center wall, the ones you must destroy, correspond to the miniature versions on display in the basement. The thumbnails will be highlighted in the order you need to photograph them, just like the control panels, except now it's the operator who needs the scanner upgrade to be able to see the highlights and call them out to teams on the light and dark target for shoot. Therefore, he must replace the scanner drive with them.

When the fight starts, all the doors between the basement, the Light and the Dark will be closed. The challenge is to trade the benefits of the scanner between the parties to allow the correct firing panels to be identified and called for the operator. To further complicate matters, Sentinel servers will be spawned, which will disable commercial update machines.

The operator boost starts on the assist machines and taking it starts the match. The scanner buff is kept by a vandal who always appears in a dark room.

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Split into a two-man Light team, a three-man Dark team, and a Designated Operator. Light and dark teams must have designated scanners.

  • The Operator starts the meeting by taking the Operator Bonus from the Light room.
  • The Dark Scanner takes the scanner bonus (by now the operator should be in the basement) and runs around the reels in the Dark, looking down into the basement. Call two panels there, which the operator must shoot.
  • A server will now spawn - kill it as soon as possible so the dark scanner can drop the scanner buff on the machine and the light scanner can pick it up.
  • The light scanner repeats the process, calling the panels to fire for the operator to fire.
  • When all four panels are fired, the operator inserts the scanner booster into the machine and someone (it doesn't matter who) has to pull it out, freeing up space for the light scanner to put the scanner booster into the machine.
  • The old operator now takes the scanner upgrade and can see which fuses are highlighted in their miniature version. They call it (for example, "Light Side Right" or "Dark Side Center") and the players above must shoot the fuse until it is destroyed.
  • The doors between the rooms are now unlocked, so you can move between them if you need to, but for the sake of simplicity we advise against it, especially since destroying the fuses doesn't do much damage and shouldn't be a problem. Your goal should be to destroy three fuses per phase, but two will suffice (you have three phases in total).
  • The damage phase ends when the shields close on the fuses. Now restart and repeat: the player in the basement puts the scanner upgrade in the machine, the light scanner picks it up (we found it's easier to start the next phase in the light room) and starts calling, and whoever there is held the operator places it for the basement player to pick up.


As long as your summoning and flow understanding is correct, servitors are the most likely item to thwart this encounter, as you don't have much time to activate the damage phase - they must be killed as soon as they appear. You also have Dark Guard Captains, Exploding Grabs, and Overload Captains, which can be a real pain in the ass.

Equipment Recommendations

The operator's equipment doesn't matter as long as he doesn't miss the shots at the panels. Both the Light and Dark teams need overload rounds, as well as the ability to take down Darkguard captains and minions.Veryquickly - we offer swords. That being said, you also need to quickly but accurately destroy fuses - it's difficult, but not impossible, to damage adjacent pipes, which will fail. A rapid fire sniper or machine gun are good for this. Glow Wells can be a boon if you want to stay alive when it's full of explosive shafts and other annoying extras, and they also buff your fuse damage, but you probably can't set it up to hit three fuses at once. so aim for two. Shroud of Dawn is useful, but not that useful. Otherwise, whatever Super helps you stay alive, kill adds and kill fuses is good.

Second meeting: Atraks-1

This is the main DPS control, or at least it was in competition mode. There are two rooms: a bunker in Europe that you enter (the earth room) and a larger and more expansive space station room (outer space) that can be accessed via four rocket pods at the top. back of the earth room. Each room is roughly divided into three lanes, and each lane has a machine for trading upgrades.

When the fight starts, eight Atraks-1 duplicates will spawn, four in each room. Additions will come in waves, including the Vandal with the Operator perk in the downstairs room and the Vandal with the Scanner perk in space. After that it's mostly Wretches and Tracer Shanks until a wave of six Servants show up to disable the machines again. When all six Servants are killed, eight duplicates will begin to launch a purge nuke. When the cleaning animation starts, the scanner will be able to see that one of these duplicates is glowing. You have to add the damageDiezdouble to break the nuke, but it's also a chance to damage the boss. You need to deal enough damage to activate Atrax's "last stand" phase (the designated section on the far left of the health bar) before he goes on a rampage and kills everyone anyway.

As an added complication, whenever you kill one of the replicants, it will leave a glowing purple aura containing the "Atraks Replication-1" debuff that the player can and should pick up. This has a 45 second timer that you can only see when you have an aura, but it's running all the time anyway, and if it ever hits zero, there'll be another Atraks-1 to finish taking you all out. If the operator shoots at you while you're wearing it, it will reset the timer and drop the aura to the ground, at which point you'll simply pick it up.

To permanently get rid of these auras, you must expel them into space. Adjacent to the space room are four panel-controlled airlocks which again must be shot open by the operator. Once the airlock opens, it has a short time before it automatically closes and ejects its contents, but that's long enough for the players wearing the aura to enter, the operator to fire the aura, and the players to return to the room. space.

So the challenge is to trade the scanner buff between the ground and space teams to spot the highlighted Atraks replicant and deal enough damage to it each time to survive while managing and eventually removing the replication buff. It was widely agreed that this matchup would be the hardest of the entire competitive raid due to the massive damage adjustment, but it should be a lot easier now.


  • Divide into two teams of three: space and ground, and the space team will have a designated operator. Both teams should have a designated scanner, but the ground team will need an additional scanner if the first needs to move the debuff into space. Each person on each team must choose a lane: left, middle, or right. They all start on the ground floor. Begin the fight by approaching the sphere at the top of the mid lane on the ground floor.
  • The vandal with the operator buff will spawn with the server wave in the left or right lanes of the ground floor. The operator grabs the ignition and the head of the space team. Note that the space team will never have to go down, but the ground team will have to head up - the operator has to send the rocket pods down.
  • Similarly, a vandal with a scanner will appear somewhere in the space room. The first glowing duplicate will always be in space, so the space team starts by powering up the scanner. The vandal must die and the space scanner must grab the buff.
  • Both teams manage to add and kill their Servants.
  • The launch phase of Atrax begins after all servers have been destroyed, as indicated by the "Extinction Protocol Activated" message. The space scanner should detect the shiny duplicate and activate it as soon as possible (check the lanes: center, right, left, etc.).
  • Everyone on the space team must reach for the correct duplicate and hit it as hard as possible. You can hit him even after he's gone, like the Four Kings in Dark Souls - keep attacking until the damage count stops and the bar stops dropping.
  • When this is over, the space team sends a scanner buff down to earth, and one of them now has a replication buff to manage. Call when it's 15 seconds and count out loud from 10 if your carrier allows you to get to that point. They just have to shoot you to reset the timer and then pick it up.
  • The bottom set grabs the scanner and repeats this process. They send the scanner back, and whoever has their handicap takes one of the rocket pods into space to be manned by an operator.
  • Since this gets them away from the ground team, now is a good time to remove the debuffs once and for all: agree to use the airlock, have the operator open it, both debuffs go in, the operator releases them, and both players they return. to your team
  • Repeat these steps for a total of four replicant kills - that's a full damage cycle. Now you remove the attachments again and the next damage cycle starts after you kill the next wave of servers. You take a total of three damage cycles before Atraks goes on a rampage, so you'll need to get him into one last fight before then. Therefore, he must use at least 33% of his health bar, which is not the last battle of the cycle.
  • Once you get Atraks to the last post, all of his replicants will start casting their washcloth. In this phase, the ground team must go into space. As before, the scanner must identify and summon the glowing replicant, and all players must attack it until it is destroyed. Repeat for each new shiny replicant in turns until their last health is gone.


A room on the ground floor is smaller but has more visual obstructions than a space that is larger but has better visibility. Your gear to add damage and boss damage can vary accordingly. A ground scanner should consider picking a spot on the ground or in the middle of the mid lane, as you'll have the best chance of seeing all the replicants from here, but be careful exposing yourself to the boss tracker's deadly rounds.

The ground crew should note that the journey to the space elevators will take at least 20 seconds, so there is no time to waste after taking a debuff. Above all, stay alive. Besides dealing boss damage and dealing with debuff, everything else can wait, for example, there's not much of a rush to kill servers, so play it safe whenever you can. Hunters can use invisibility and warlocks can use Consume.

Equipment Recommendations

The biggest threat when relaxed is the self-copying Attractants: their projectiles deal high damage and they hunt you down aggressively, with extreme range. Arc resistance is recommended (as it is throughout the raid) and you might want to consider the Adventurer, which takes advantage of the Exotic slot but makes adding fairly easy. Almost all of the attacks you face in this encounter are electrically charged. The servers are pretty massive too - Risk Taker can run while charged (which won't be a problem), but also Falling Guillotine or The Lament as long as you can stay alive, or snipers if you're having trouble with that.

Actually dealing enough damage in a very narrow window in which you can hit any replicant was by far the biggest challenge in this matchup. We can't overstate how important it is that every space or ground team deals damage to every replicant, and that burst damage is more important than continuous damage per second – throw Nova bombs and Celestial Nighthawk gold cannons before transitioning into a fall . Guillotine or, ideally, a Lament, and maybe even consider the bonus burst damage from Fourth Horseman or Izanagi's Charge if you're comfortable with a clean plugin.

Please note that we are still thinking about competitive mode and dealing damage should be much easier now. We've seen some teams sit in Lightwells with Xenophagus for almost the entire match. The space team might want to consider this if their orb generation is good enough (running multiple Warlocks with the Phoenix protocol), but it will make it harder for the ground team to see everything they need.

Third meeting: Taniks, Reborn

This is one of the easier matchups in the raid, it works likefunny bouquetto the final confrontation, introducing some of its mechanics. That is, it introduces the third reinforcement of the silencer and the need to safely dispose of nuclear nuclei. This is also your first encounter with Tanix (at least in Destiny 2), but it won't be your last.

There are three roles in this matchup: Operator, Scanner, and Silencer. The silencer will have to stun Tanik by shooting him while he is standing below the security drones (white orbs) scattered across the arena. Doing this three times will stun him and unlock some containers. This is important because you have to drop nuclear cores into these containers to get rid of them. Clearing the nukes can disable a random player's buff, in which case they'll have to put that buff in the buff machines for someone else to pick up, so you'll need a second player for each role. A center runner is also needed to carry nuclear cores, but note that it is only possible to move and jump in this position, and all other abilities are disabled while carrying a core. It is important that this role is protected.

The Operator and the Core Hunter act as players bringing the cores to the glowing containers. The scanner must identify to the operator and the core ejector which container the core should be placed in. Finally, the suppressor has to keep Tanik at bay by stunning him while the other players deal with taking out the nuclear cores.

meeting flow

  • Three Vandals roles can be chosen at the start of a match.
  • The scanner verifies which two of the four central drop boxes are glowing, communicating with the runners who will need to drop nuclear cores into them.
  • The operator runs a keyboard on each side of the base station, minimizing the number of nuclear cores spawned to just two, making the process manageable.
  • The silencer should be ready under one of the three security drones, ready to fire at Taniks.
  • Two players must collect nuclear cores to place them in the central room.
  • Once all the cores have been transferred, Taniks will appear and you will need to shoot him until he is stunned, allowing the carriers to place the cores in the glowing containers which activate the scanner.
  • Each container only needs to receive one core (you can follow the progress bar below the containers).
  • You must repeat this action five times to unlock the hatch in the middle of the room and end the fight.
  • Be careful because once the hatch opens, Taniks will start chasing you, so make sure you run to the end of the corridor to clear the encounter.


Using a nuclear core gives the wearer a radiation debuff that stacks up to ten times, killing you last. You can deal with this by communicating your radiation stacks to the team, as someone else may need to trade with you. It's also worth noting that radiation stacks disintegrate after a while, so keep that in mind when collecting new nuclear cores.

Since the player's upgrade is disabled when carrying Nuclear Cores, the affected player must leave their upgrade at the Upgrade Station to trade it with someone else. Also, if Taniks catches you at the end of the encounter, it's an instant kill, and if someone doesn't make it through the door alive, they're back to square one.

Last Encounter: Tanix, Abomination

One side of the arena is an empty void. There are three separate sections on the other side. One is where you spawn. Clockwise it is "blue" and clockwise it is "orange": their names come from their lighting and color scheme. Each of these three sections has a forklift and a couple of white containers. Looking from the center towards the edge of the arena, name these containers on the left and right: Spawn Left and Spawn Right, Blue Left and Blue Right, Orange Left and Orange Right . White balls float all over the arena.

When the meeting starts, it will remove the announcements. Vandals will spawn in each section with each of three buffs: Operator spawns, Scanner blue, and Silencer orange.

At some point, Tanik will move from the center to one of the three sections and launch a series of airstrikes, with the hit zone marked by purple columns. Just keep moving to avoid them, even walking is enough to keep you moving while aiming and shooting, just don't stand still. The four jet engines on the sides of your hovercraft will light up orange. Everyone should shoot them, but only two at a time - agree to shoot the front pair in the first phase and the rear pair in the next. Deal enough damage and each engine will spew out a nuclear core.

The runners will have to take these cores and throw them into the bins. Two bins will be highlighted for anyone with a scanner buff - they need to activate it (eg "orange to the right and respawn to the left") and the runners must say which one they are going to so as not to go to the same bin. Putting a core in the wrong container will kill you.

While using a core, he is slowed, unable to fight, and accumulates stacks of the Radiation debuff. When it strikes ten, you die, so you have to run with a friend. They can protect him from additions and can take the core from him at any time. Runners can also be stopped by a red ball, at which point they are even more vulnerable as they cannot move. Anyone who has the operator buff can shoot it by firing a bullet; You have to be on your toes for that and the runners have to let you know, but it's a pretty easy job.

However, the containers must be unlocked with a damper before the cores can be sunk. During this phase, the three white orbs floating around the arena will glow - a silencer must be placed under each of them and shot at Taniks. Only when all three orbs have been depleted and Tanika has been deployed will the containers open and become available for submerging. You need to repeat this process twice, submerging all four cores to trigger the damage phase.

During the damage phase, Tanix is ​​in the center of the arena surrounded by a bubble that you need to be in to damage him. Drop your Well of Light on the edge of a bubble or slightly inside it so you can stand on it and hit it. The Titans can drop the Shroud of Dawn right outside Tanik's bubble, so you can pick up the Weapon of Light and get to the Well - this is the best place as Weapon lasts 15 seconds, damage phase lasts 30 and Tanik is in the middle. he will snap you out of his bubble at the perfect time to reload the light gun, reload the gun, and jump back into the pit. We say "jump" because Tanik is surrounded by a circle of flying debris that will kill you if you get hit, so just jump on him, it's a stupid way to die.


Since all three buffs can expire, and to be safe, you need to have two pairs of relay runners, you need to be comfortable with multiple roles, call them accurately, and be tense with each other. Assign the main carriers to each role and have them start with the sections where their benefits are generated, assign the two main runners to be the first to collect Tanik's cores when they leave, and assign them a relay team. The scanner may be one of them, since they should have called out to the containers before all of you ran towards them. Begin the fight by approaching the pile of rubble in the middle of the arena.

  • Kill the power-ups until the vandals carrying your power-ups appear and collect them as quickly as possible.
  • Tanik's purple pillar barrage will start shortly after everyone gets buffs and can even stack.
  • Say which section to go to and start firing up the first two jet engines.
  • Containers will now be highlighted for the scanner - they should show them as soon as possible and maybe even write them in chat.
  • First-class runners must call which of the two baskets they go to.
  • Tanik's jet engines are losing their cores. Primary runners grab them, secondary runners need to be around at all times to protect them from adds.
  • Runners alert when you have 6 or 7 radiation stacks so your relay runner can prepare to get the core.
  • The operator stays alert to shoot the red balls that are being held.
  • Suppressor spots three glowing security drones and runs between them, shooting Tanik.
  • Assuming the suppressor has done its job, the containers are unlocked before the runners reach them, or soon after. The balls are submerged.
  • Reset and repeat. Benefit May Be Expired: All benefit carriers must verify and place their benefits in machines so secondary carriers can pick them up if necessary. The scanner highlights two new containers.
  • After submerging the last two orbs, the damage phase begins. Throw a well into Tanik's bubble and stock up on your best DPS weapon here. Remember to jump over the rubble circle each time, don't risk walking through it. Again, you get three phases of damage before he enrages, so you need to drop at least 33% of his highest health bar (above the last mark).
  • Reboot and repeat until you run the latest media. Here, he teleports three times to different sections of the arena, launching attacks from the purple column before finally launching a washcloth. If possible, try to save some burst damage from the DPS endgame (Nova Bombs, Golden Guns, etc.) and use Divinity as an easy hit point.


After dipping two cores, the holder of one of the three boosters may receive a notification that the booster expires. This lasts for 40 seconds and means they still have the buff but no longer benefit from its effects. They must put their buff in the buff machine and someone else must pick it up, so assign a second bearer to each buff.

Equipment Recommendations

You'll get a lot of nasty Blackguard captains among the extras, which can really disrupt runners' efforts to pick up and throw orbs if you don't take care of them. Swords are better for this, but they're not good for boss fights, so don't use more than two or three. One sword wielder should take Deity while everyone else should probably use their exotic slot for Anarchy if possible. Other boss damage options include slug shotgunslubricantdual snipers (Adored is good, as is Ikelos sniper, who was shot down by god due to his fire speed). Note that this is our experience with competitive mode - it'll probably be more forgiving now, so heck, give Xenophage a try. Of course he will need at least a Well and a Shroud of Dawn, otherwise his classes can be whatever he wants if he wants to stay alive, control attachments and deal boss damage - Nova Bombs are recommended and Golden Guns.

Now that you know how to defeat the Destiny 2 Beyond Light raid, it's time to prepare for the latest and greatest threat, Nightmare Root. HeDestiny 2 Lightfall raid release dateIt's finally here, so now you can play one of the last expansions before Destiny 2's next stage.


How many people do you need for the Deep Stone Crypt raid? ›

In the beginning of the Deep Stone Crypt raid, there are Pikes during the Storm encounter. All 6 players need to successfully bring their Pikes to the end.

Does Deep Stone Crypt require Beyond Light? ›

With Beyond Light, we finally gain access to The Deep Stone Crypt. But to have a chance at clearing this Raid, you need to have a power level of 1250.

Is Deep Stone Crypt the easiest raid? ›

The easiest raid in Destiny 2 is hands down, the Deep Stone Crypt raid. The raid basically features the same mechanic for all encounters, and once you've understood what each augment does, the raid is incredibly straightforward.

How to get 12 people in a raid? ›

How get 12 players in a raid
  1. Split your 12-player Fireteam into two groups: 5 players and 7 players.
  2. Host of the Fireteam with 7 players clicks join and waits on “Bring fireteam with you?” ...
  3. Fireteam of 5 players launches the raid.
  4. When the countdown timer gets to 2 seconds, the host of the 7-player group selects join.
Feb 28, 2021

How many secret chests are in Deep Stone Crypt? ›

There are two hidden chests in the Deep Stone Crypt, and each has the chance to reward you with the following: Mods: Enhanced Operator Augment, Enhanced Scanner Augment, Enhanced Suppressor Augment, Herd Thinner. Any Weapon or Armor piece already acquired from prior successful encounters.

Can you get exotics from Deep Stone Crypt? ›

The Deep Stone Crypt raid offers a Sniper Rifle, Scout Rifle, Hand Cannon, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Sword, and Exotic Rocket Launcher.

What exotic does Deep Stone Crypt drop? ›

Eyes of Tomorrow is an extremely powerful rocket launcher in Destiny 2: Beyond Light from the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

What is the best weapon for Deep Stone Crypt? ›

Well-rolled auto rifles are the best overall primary weapon. Pulse rifles are also good due to the medium range of many firefights. SMGs are strong in the first and third encounter specifically due to the close-range nature of them.

What is the drop rate for DSC exotic? ›

You get 3 chances per week. 1 per character and if its the featured raid you can farm it.

How many people completed Deep Stone Crypt day One? ›

Destiny Raid Report on Twitter: "29,353 accounts cleared Deep Stone Crypt on Day One" / Twitter.

Can you farm Deep Stone Crypt weapons? ›

Deep Stone Crypt is farmable for the first time since its weapons were reissued in Destiny 2. Breach the security or take down Atraks as many times as you can, with loot on the table for each encounter clear.

Does Deep Stone Crypt have a master mode? ›

Be aware that Deep Stone Crypt does not have either a Master mode or Adept weapons as rewards. Completing Challenges will simply reward you with one extra drop from the loot table.

What is the easiest raid to solo? ›

Destiny 2: Every Dungeon, Ranked By How Hard They Are To Solo
  • 6 Easiest: Shattered Throne.
  • 5 Pit Of Heresy.
  • 4 Prophecy.
  • 3 Spire Of The Watcher.
  • 2 Grasp Of Avarice.
  • 1 Hardest: Duality.
Feb 14, 2023

Can 1 person do a 5-star raid? ›

Level 5 and Mega Raids are where the difficulty comes in and where many trainers are needed to take it down. These raids can range from around 30,000 boss CP to 50,000, and you will not be able to complete them solo.

How many raids can I do in a day? ›

Remote Raid participation limits:

Trainers will be able to participate in a maximum of five Remote Raids per day.

Can 2 people take down a 5-star raid? ›

Yes, but it's VERY difficult. It requires a near perfect team, incredible play, and it can only be done on a few legendaries. Here's a video of someone soloing one of probably two soloable tier 5 raids.

How do I turn off security in deep stone crypt? ›

Using the Scanner Augment underground, teams should have that player locate the fuses that are lighting up. The Guardians on the main floor will have to destroy the lit-up fuses, damaging the Destiny 2 Deep Stone Crypt Security.

How do you suppress deep stone crypt? ›

To do this, the suppressor must jump between three areas around the room. These are denoted by floating balls. There is one on the right, one in the middle, and one on the left. To suppress Taniks, just tickle him with your weapon while standing under one of the balls.

How do you beat Atraks 1? ›

Swords are by far the best weapons for damaging Atraks-1. The Lament is the strongest choice for damaging this boss. Before damaging Atraks, make sure that your team is near her and has their guard up. Use three light attacks than a heavy attack to deal over 250,000 damage in one combo.

Is it possible to do Vault of Glass solo? ›

Bungie The Gatekeepers encounter is no easy task as a team of six, never mind alone. This encounter is the final part of the Vault of Glass raid – arguably the more challenging one to perform solo – as you must defend two portals while destroying the first gatekeeper to get the relic shield.

Where is the secret chest in Deep Stone Crypt? ›

What you actually want to do – before entering the final door – is to find a series of ledges to climb up behind you to the left. Keep climbing and you'll find the chest hidden away in a small alcove.

Is Vault of Glass loot good? ›

Vault of Glass has a lot of great loot to farm, chief among them the Vex Mythoclast. But if luck isn't on your side, then there's several weapons worth chasing, like a god roll Fatebringer or Hezen Vengeance.

Can you farm exotic ciphers? ›

Sadly, there's no way to farm Exotic Ciphers just yet. For now, you're limited to just one a week through Xur's quest; however, we fully expect Bungie to add more methods to obtain the currency as it becomes more useful.

Does xur sell old exotics? ›

He sells Legendary and Exotic items for Legendary Shards. He only appears on the weekends between 12 PM EST on Friday to 12 PM EST on Tuesday, and his location changes each week. He will appear in the public sector of any of the four worlds: European Dead Zone, Titan, IO, and Nessus or in the Tower. him.

Can you still get old exotics? ›

However, you can still get the old Exotics from many of these quests, thanks to a feature Bungie added to Destiny 2 called the Monument to Lost Lights. The Monument to Lost Lights is a Terminal found in the Tower in the Vault access area.

What drops from each encounter in DSC? ›

Each encounter has a chance to drop a Deepsight version of a raid weapon, and players may purchase one per week from the final chest after defeating Taniks. When Deep Stone Crypt is the featured raid of the week, encounter drops are uncapped!

What does Xur give you for the exotic cipher? ›

This quest also offers up its own exclusive reward: an exotic cipher, which can be given to Xur or turned in at the exotic archive in the Tower to add a new piece of exotic gear to your collection.

How many spoils does DSC give? ›

How To Earn Spoils Of Conquest. As of Season of the Risen, Vow of the Disciple is the most recent Destiny 2 raid, so its encounters all drop five Spoils of Conquest when cleared. Its hidden chests also drop five Spoils a piece, allowing you to earn up to 30 Spoils of Conquest per raid clear.

Does Deep Stone Crypt have bad luck protection? ›

One of those changes is to fix the bad luck protection in the Deep Stone Crypt raid, which will increase the chances of the Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher dropping for everyone who plays it but hasn't yet received one.

What is the power cap for Deep Stone Crypt? ›

Your team's Power Cap goal is 1230 for all the encounters. Being above 1230 will not provide any additional advantage in the final fight.

What is the best weapon in deep rock Galactic? ›

Depends on the mission. I'd say auto cannon is the best overall. Thunderhead has the most busted stats in terms of raw total damage and AoE damage. Hurricane is more well rounded though (faster time-to-kill, less ammo, and better single-target damage).

Can you get an exotic Cypher every week? ›

After completing the required number of activities, players can return to Xûr to complete the quest and be rewarded with an Exotic Cipher. One thing you should keep in mind, however, is that you can only complete this quest once a week.

Do Lost Sector Exotics drop? ›

🔒 Access: Legend and Master Lost Sectors will not be visible to Guardians below 1750 Power (as of Lightfall/Season 20). Exotic Armor: Completing the daily Lost Sector solo has the chance to drop exotic armor. The drop rate is completely up to RNG however exotics not earned yet are prioritized.

What are the odds of getting a red border weapon in Destiny 2? ›

Based on our data, if a drop was a weapon, the confidence internal (alpha = 0.05) for it being a Red Border Weapon is 31.6 +/- 5.1% [26.5%, 36.7%]. That means the rate was likely better than 1 in 4.

How many people completed day 1 Vault of Glass? ›

In terms of day one completions, the revamped Vault of Glass had the highest finishing rate of any raid in Destiny history, based on early data from Destiny Raid Report. A whopping 6,783 fireteams made it through the standard version of the activity in the first 24 hours.

How many people completed vow of the disciple contest mode? ›

King's Fall: 8,650. Vow of The Disciple: 6,829.

How many people beat Root of Nightmares contest? ›

According to Destiny Raid Report, around 16,900 teams have beaten the raid so far, which equates to around 101,400 individual players.

Can you run Deep Stone Crypt solo? ›

The mechanics are such where you simply cannot solo them, no matter your skill or luck, as you'll likely need at least two people. I believe the only one that can be fully soloed before this is Deep Stone Crypt.

Is King's Fall farmable? ›

It is not farmable.

What is the Timelost weapon this week? ›

The Timelost weapon this week is the Fatebringer (Adept) Hand cannon.
WeekWeek #
May 9, 2023Week 11

Can you farm the eyes of tomorrow? ›

With each final boss kill, your Eyes of Tomorrow drop chance will increase by approximately 1% for the character on which you killed it. You can farm this exotic weapon three times a week when the raid is not in rotation (when it does not drop pinnacle loot), once on each of your three characters.

How many people do you need for a raid? ›

Any number of Trainers can join a raid, but only in groups of up to 20 Trainers. If you would like to be in the same group as your friends, you can join the raid privately.

How many people completed Deep Stone Crypt day 1? ›

Destiny Raid Report on Twitter: "29,353 accounts cleared Deep Stone Crypt on Day One" / Twitter.

Is Deep Stone Crypt raid hard? ›

Encounters in this raid will be easy to deal with above 1300 light as the raid is not difficult in terms of enemies and combat. Rather, Deep Stone Crypt is more about puzzles and raid mechanics.

How many people do you need for King's Fall raid? ›

You'll need three Plate Holders (for the right, middle, and left plates), two Knight Slayers, and one general enemy clear person.

Is it possible to solo a Level 5 RAID? ›

Level 5 and Mega Raids are where the difficulty comes in and where many trainers are needed to take it down. These raids can range from around 30,000 boss CP to 50,000, and you will not be able to complete them solo.

Can I beat a level 3 raid by myself? ›

3-star raids can be beaten by a single trainer if their Pokemon have types and moves that take advantage of a raid's weaknesses and are at least level 30.

Is it possible to solo a 5 star raid? ›

The Recommended Level For Solo Raid Is Lv 80 To 100

The recommended level for the 5 star Raid is 80-100, which will make it easier for you to attack. In addition, if you want to take on the 6 Star Raid, Lv 100 is normal and you will need a Raid Pokemon for each type of Raid type, so you should start preparing now.

How many people completed day 1 vow of the disciple? ›

Sign up or Sign in now! Of course not every player who attempted the challenge was triumphant. Of those 546,600 players, only 32,600 individuals managed to clear the full raid--or roughly 6%. Among the 6% were six members of Clan Elysium, the first clan to emerge victorious.

Who got world's first Leviathan raid? ›

Destiny 2's raid, Leviathan, has been conquered for the first time, developer Bungie announced today. The honor of the world's first completion went to a fireteam from The Legend Himself, a clan on PlayStation 4.

What is the hardest raid encounter? ›

Destiny: Every Final Raid Boss Ranked By Difficulty
  • 8 Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge. ...
  • 7 Val Ca'uor. ...
  • 6 Nezarec, Final God Of Pain. ...
  • 5 Oryx, The Taken King. ...
  • 4 Taniks, The Abomination. ...
  • 3 The Sanctified Mind. ...
  • 2 Riven Of A Thousand Voices. ...
  • 1 Rhulk, Disciple Of The Witness.
Apr 6, 2023

Are raids harder than dungeons? ›

Luckily, dungeons aren't nearly as difficult as raids, meaning you can run whatever weapons or build you enjoy using.

Can you solo a raid in Destiny 2? ›

Destiny 2 player Xemo was able to solo the game's newest raid, Root of Nightmares, without a single death, which is often referred to as a "flawless" run by the game's community. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How difficult is the King's Fall raid? ›

King's Fall is one of the more challenging raids to grace Destiny and, now, Destiny 2. Here's each encounter you'll face as you go: How to complete the Basilica Totem section of King's Fall, including Annihilator Totems, Brand of the Unraveler and Deathsinger's Power.

What is the best Hunter subclass for King's Fall? ›

Hunters should use either Nightstalker or Revenant for King's Fall. Nightstalkers can keep their team safe with Trapper's Ambush invisibility and debuff bosses with Shadowshot.


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