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It is quite common to consider most singers to be millionaires, while some are in fact millionaires, these singers are in the minority. Most singers really struggle to pay their bills on time, and some have even squandered their fortunes made from a single song.

Singers can earn anywhere from $300 to virtually millions per song. The actual number depends on how popular the song is and how the song is monetized, e.g. B. Live events, record deals, brand deals, streaming services, advertising and royalties.

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Most people think that singers make a lot of money from every song, but that's not entirely true. Because the music industry is extremely competitive, each singer tries to gain an advantage over the other, often spending unnecessarily in the process. Don't get me wrong, you can make a song for just a few hundred dollars by renting a studio for a few hours; However, these singers usually don't have enough followers to make a real profit.

One of the most important aspects of how much money a singer makes per song is the actual record deal. Since the record company's main job is to make a profit, singers with no experience in the music industry often find themselves stuck in a terrible contract that they just can't get out of, as that would mean paying hefty fines to the record company.

The main difference in how much a singer makes per song is how famous they are. Put simply, the more popular an artist is, the higher their salary. Also, the payout for each song can vary greatly from state to state. In general, internationally known singers are paid the most per song. Although you don't have to be really famous to make money from singing, just read my article if you want more information.How to Make Money Singing (Top 27 Methods).

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There are many factors when it comes to how much they actually make per song, and most of these factors weren't available to singers 15 years ago. We live in the digital age and there are many ways for singers to monetize their music, most if not all use platforms like Spotify to further increase their income. If you search Spotify, you will see many artists who specialize in singing their songs on Spotify as the small amounts of money they receive for each viewer or listener can add up quickly.

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Live Events (Average $100,000 - $250,000)

Many singers travel the country or even the world singing at various events. Not only to promote your brand and name, but also to make a good profit. When people think of a touring band or a singer, they usually think of a great singer. The truth is that smaller bands and singers often travel more than famous singers. This is mainly because singers who are already famous can rely on their audience to make money.

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On the other hand, singers who don't yet have a large following need to build an audience somehow, and one of the best ways to do that is by singing at live events. Even if you are a budding singer you can still enjoy the live events, most of them tend to have some gaps between the main acts and the organizers need to fill those gaps with lesser known singers and that's where you come in Game, because see my article for more informationHow to get discovered as a singer (as soon as possible).

In general, singers are paid in two ways to perform at local events:

  1. Ticket Sales Percentage: If the singer has a large following, they usually get a percentage of the live event tickets. The actual amount of money they receive is also affected by their record deal as these companies often host actual live events and spend a significant amount of money promoting the event and paying all the licenses and staff. These live events performed by a singer where he gets a percentage of the tickets can in some cases reach into the millions.
  2. Flat Fee: Another option for paying singers is a flat fee. This simply means that the organizers of the event and the singer's manager or the singers themselves come to an agreement on how much they will be paid. Typically, the singer or his manager receives a deposit weeks in advance, with the balance paid after the performance. Although there are some singers who don't even go on stage unless they are paid in full.

record deal

As I mentioned above, one of the most crucial factors in how much money a singer makes per song depends on their record deal. Often these labels invest a lot of money in singers by promoting them and hosting different types of events where the singer performs. All of this costs a lot of money and the record company expects you to make a profit for it, so some record deals can even contain absurd clauses.

When a record company finds a talented singer, they will want to tie him to a contract for at least a few years, leaving the artist with little or no options if they want to switch labels. So it's a good idea to have a manager who will also take a good chunk of your profits from you, but will have more experience negotiating contracts than any singer. Singers often consider themselves professional singers once they are signed with a record label, although you don't even have to be signed to become a professional singer, if you want to know more read my articleHow long does it take to become a professional singer? (The Honest Truth).

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popularity of music

There are thousands of talented singers who are making their own songs but are finding it extremely difficult to make money from it. The problem is that the music industry is inundated with new people every year, and no matter how talented you are as a singer, you need to stand out from the crowd. Most songs are lucky enough to get their 15 minutes of fame and the chance of becoming an international hit overnight is extremely slim.

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It can happen though, as has happened many times in the past, remember PSY Gangnam Style? This song became a hit practically overnight and most people have never heard of the performers. His song was so popular that YouTube had to change its view count as the song had over a billion views in just a few weeks and YouTube never expected a video to be so popular. If you search on YouTubeGangnam StyleYou will see that the video has more than 3 billion views to date, the song has grossed around $8 million.

branded offers

Brand deals are a great way to make money as a singer without singing. Brands want to be associated with famous and successful people like athletes, singers and actors. This is a simple psychological trick that means that when people see their favorite artist wearing some type of brand, they may be much more likely to use the same brand. Thisbranded offersThey are usually not just for a song, but for the person singing.

While there's a direct correlation between branding deals and singers with a hit song, branding deals should generally be associated with artists and in some cases the music itself, but that's a whole different topic that I'll get to later. . Generally, these brand deals amount to a few million dollars, if the singer is famous internationally, if the singer is famous only in the US, then the brand deal could end up bringing them a few hundred thousand dollars a year.

Note that these branding deals are usually for a few years with specific terms that can make the singer even more money in the long run than an actual song.

How much do singers earn per song? ( The Honest Truth ) » How to Sing Better 101 (1)

Streaming Services

Spotify can significantly increase the yield of a real song, just a few years ago we didn't have any music streaming technology other than what we had on TV. Streaming music is a lot of money, the downside is sites like Spotify only pay pennies every time someone listens to the music. That is the good newsSpotifyhas millions of users, and if the music is reasonably good, it should have no problem garnering thousands of listeners, which adds up.

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For example,Shake It Off von Taylor Swifthas around 45 million streams or listeners, which in turn has earned around $300,000 here, which adds to the amount his music has earned. Since she's signed to a record label, that means she's likely to have a percentage of that amount rather than the entire amount.


While you won't see any ads during the songs, luckily we haven't gotten to that point yet. But you can find advertisements playing before or after the song and sometimes even during the song, although this only happens on streaming and social platforms. On the other hand, TV shows showing the singer's performance are likely to have some commercials during the event, and sometimes the singers earn a percentage of the money from the actual commercial.

When it comes to commercials or ads that increase a song's actual sales, we need to look at two things that could change the industry forever.

  • YouTube: YouTube is full of music and the site pays out billions in royalties to singers every year. Sometimes the actual music video has a commercial before or right after the song, although this is irritating for the listener as no one wants to listen to a song only to be interrupted by a loud 30 minute commercial. Despite this, these ads make a lot of money depending on the popularity of the song.
  • YouTube Music: YouTube recently introduced this ad-free feature, the business model is very similar to Spotify. This means that every time someone listens to his music, the singer receives a small amount of money. On the other hand, this feature requires the end user to pay a fee every month.


When trying to calculate how much money a song will bring in for the singer, it's important that we take royalties into account. Royalties simply mean that the singers who make their original music get paid every time someone performs that song, the song is played on the radio, on TV, or online. The artists don't collect money directly from these sources as they would be gone forever, singers apply to organizations that do.collect these royaltiesin your name.

That's why some older songs can become instant hits and bring in a lot of money for the singer. There are also some singers who have had a hit and lived off the royalties their entire lives, although as a singer you shouldn't get your hopes up as luck plays a big part in this.

How much do singers earn per song? ( The Honest Truth ) » How to Sing Better 101 (2)

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When it comes to how much money singers make per song, there are many factors to consider. A few decades ago most music made money for a year or two at best, but today some music has the potential to make money for decades, if not longer. That's why it's so difficult to calculate how much money a song makes, since the total changes from one year to the next.


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