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5 salaries (for 4 jobs)Updated on 06/30/2021

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apprentice lawyer

AboutHK $ 399 mil - HK $ 618 mil/againaverage total payout

AboutHK $ 403 mil - HK $ 589 mil/againBase salary

AboutHK $ 24K - HK $ 26K/againadditional payment

based on2 wages

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IT Support Analyst

AboutHK $ 311 mil - HK $ 337 mil/againaverage total payout

AboutHK $ 314 mil - HK $ 337 mil/againBase salary

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Vacation plan


About57.000 HK$ - 62.000 HK$/againaverage total payout

About57.000 HK$ - 62.000 HK$/againBase salary

based on1 SalariesFull payment details

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legal assistantcontractor

AboutHK$ 160 mil - HK$ 175 mil/againaverage total payout

AboutHK $ 162 mil - HK $ 173 mil/againBase salary

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