How to get pregnant naturally with low AMH levels (2023)

I know…

Are you trying to get pregnant with low AMH levels...


you may haveI tried everythingthat your RE advised.

eagerly awaited forpregnancy test results.

But the result isBFN" as usual.

Worried if you can get pregnant with your own eggs (with low AMH levels)…

I can understand what you're going through...

You are generally a strong-willed person, but sometimes you feel that you can no longer cope with your fertility problem.The uncertainty of treatment causes a lot of frustration.And that's why you're not sure if you're going to be the mother of your baby...

But I'm sure you're going to be a mother...

Watch this carefully...

getting pregnant becomes sostopfor you becausemodern medicine only focuses on controlling low AMH levels with pills. There is nothing wrong with controlling the symptoms, but that isinsufficientto restore the health of your endocrine system (hormone system).the only wayyou can restoreyour hormonal health through yourdiets and lifestyle changes.

The surprising truth about infertility:Why isn't your treatment working? And why does getting pregnant become so difficult for you?

Here is the secret to getting pregnant fast...

Getting pregnant is a natural outcome once your hormonal health is restored. In other words, the more youfocus on restoring your hormonal and reproductive healthfaster you become a mother.

Modern medicine versus alternative therapies

Unlike modern medicine, thenatural therapies, focused on restoring your hormonal healthand therefore getting pregnant isfast andeasy.

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In this blog post, you will learnhow to boost low amh levels and restore egg healthnaturally.

I will also reveal how2 Proven Natural Cureshelp her get pregnant naturally with low AMH levels.

What is low AMH?

A low AMH level is an indication of depleted ovarian reserve. In other words, you could be heading towards fertility problems or premature menopause.

The root of all your problems...

Neglecting this important matter of life is the root of all your problems.

Today, more and more women postpone motherhood to a later age, prioritizing their career.

But in the process, they don't regularly check whether or not their egg supply and quality is declining.

Neglecting this important life issue is the root of all your infertility problems.

How to get pregnant naturally with low AMH levels (1)

AMH levels by age:

If your age is less than 35 years, thethe normal AMH level is 1.5 to 4.0 ng/mL.

See forbelow 1.0 ng/mL is considered low AMH.

Low AMH levels are a clear indication of depleted egg reserves.

And it's time to take your problem seriously and explore all possible solutions including natural methods.

A simple blood test can give you an accurate idea:

A blood test to assess AMH levels gives you a pretty good idea of ​​how your ovarian reserve is being affected.

This blood test is simple and can be done at any time during the menstrual cycle.

What are the symptoms of low AMH levels?

Low AMH levels do not show any symptoms. Irregular periods is one of the indications. Only the blood test will give you the correct picture.

Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) Explanation:

Low AMH and high FSH levels:

Decreased AMH levels and increased FSH levels is a sign of poor egg health.

What does that mean?

You have toimprove the health of your eggs.And it is that.

But doctors give you a different picture.

If you are diagnosed with high FSH levels, doctors will give you the impression that you will never be able to have your own child, or if you conceive with an unhealthy egg, you could have a miscarriage or a deformed child.

This may not be correct because FSH tests are not completely reliable. Also, if your egg is not healthy, it may not even respond to IVF treatment. (IVF treatment is also useless)

The only limited point I'm trying to get across here is...TO STOPworry about high FSH levels andTO STARTTaking care of improving the health of your eggs. (we will cover it in this article a little later)

Why do I have low AMH levels?

There can be several reasons, related to impending infertility or other chronic illnesses.

Low AMH levels are the result of a hormonal imbalance in your body.

You should consider this problem as a general deterioration of your health due to improper diet and lifestyle that you follow without knowing it.

These are some of the reasons for low AMH levels;

How to get pregnant naturally with low AMH levels (2)

You can have;

  • endometriosis
  • Hidrosalpinge(fallopian tube problem)
  • immunity problems
  • Etc

Since low AMH is a sign of the underlying problem, you should investigate it and find out why you have low AMH levels.

If you are a woman over 40 and have low AMH, you are on your way to menopause or premature menopause.

Why does low AMH cause infertility?

Low AMH signals to decrease egg pool. But that does not mean that the quality of your egg is also affected. However, if you keep neglecting this, you could end up without eggs.

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What does this mean for you.

Since the quality of your eggs is not affected, you may not have any fertility problems.

It is not true for everyone.

In the case of age-related low AMH levels, egg quality may also be affected.

If that is the case, then you must hurry to get pregnant.

Causes of low AMH

age factor

AMH levels are determined by the number of follicles that develop in the ovaries.

The most important determining factor in the number of follicles is age, since the ovarian reserve decreases over time.

Ovarian reserve begins to decline in the mid-30s, and AMH levels (and therefore ovarian reserve) tend to be low in women in their 40s.

Environmental factors

Age is not always a factor in low AMH.

Some women continue to have high AMH levels into their 40s, while others have declining AMH levels into their 20s or 30s.

This could be due to environmental factors such as cancer treatment or inherited genetic causes.

Finding out the age of menopause in your family is important, because it is often a good guide to the rate of decline in your own fertility.Click here to read more

Chances of getting pregnant with low AMH levels

3 yoga techniques that will change your life:Do you have 30 minutes a day? That's all you need to get pregnant.(New scientific studies confirm it)

Every woman desperately wants children and therefore it is understandable to ask the above question.

Here I want you to understand and realize that getting pregnant is quite a natural process and you should not doubt it at all.

The reason you have doubts is that the doctors and people around you somehow make you believe that something is wrong with the body. What happens to your body? Anything.

You have postponed childbearing and therefore your ovarian health has simply deteriorated. It does not mean that something is wrong with your body. All you have to do is focus on improving your ovarian health and that's it.

If your ovarian health has improved, your chances of getting pregnant also increase considerably. So ignore what others think of you.

Low AMH levels and IVF

They're running a series of tests and just got a call from your clinic saying my AMH level is below 2. They want to go ahead; you are wondering what chance you really have.

You are desperate...

You don't want to give up...

You've tried, but your follicles aren't responding. You keep trying and somehow manage to retrieve some eggs, but unfortunately you don't get pregnant.

You are completely disappointed, and yet you want to try one more time before considering the option of donating eggs.

This is the typical process by which almost all women experience low AMH levels.

If you allow me, I would like to ask you a question...

I know you desperately want children...

I very much appreciate her desire to be a mother and her tenacity in dealing with mental trauma…

Your exact problem is this...

Your problem is advanced age... And that's why your reserve of eggs and their quality decrease...

And this is my question...

When your egg quality isn't up to par, what should be your priority?

It is not to improve the quality of your eggs...

Are you prioritizing improving the quality of your eggs?

Let me give you an analogy so that you can understand what I am trying to convey to you.

When the fruits are not growing properly, the farmer does not care about the fruits. All his focus is on what nutritional deficiency is in the soil... He will find the deficiency and give the soil the right fertilizer... And soon the fruits will begin to grow...

This is common sense and wisdom...

Have you ever been focused on providing your body with the right nutrition or supplements? Are you focusing on keeping your mind calm so you don't further harm your reproductive health?

Unfortunately, your thoughts and actions are being directed or controlled by your doctors and their only goal is to provide you with expensive treatment, but there is nothing you can do...

When I say"I can not do anything"I really want to say this...

Does IVF improve egg quality?

Does IVF improve the quality of your spouse's sperm...?

After all, that's what design is all about...

30 minutes a day to get pregnant fast:New scientific studies confirm that these 3 yoga techniques canIncrease your fertility 3 times

It is a simple and natural process of meeting and mating a healthy egg and sperm... Why do you need IVF for this simple natural process?

Why are you thinking of donating eggs right now?

Why worry unnecessarily about your low AMH levels?

Fertility doctors treat low AMH as a death sentence. They rush you into IVF or egg donation or make you feel like there is no chance of getting pregnant.

I agree!

The thought of never being a mother is really painful.

But recognize these simple FACTS...

Low egg reserve is only one factor in IVF...

But it shouldn't be the intimidating factor for you...

Never forget that…

Eggs do not freeze like sperm. They may not be viable when you thaw them.

I want to end this part of an article with an obvious conclusion…

Forget low AMH levels. Forget high FSH levels… Forget your advanced age… Forget IVF treatment. Their only focus should be on improving the quality of an egg, just as the farmer focuses on nutrition. All you need is one healthy egg and that is enough to fulfill your dream of becoming a mother... You can achieve it with simple diet and lifestyle changes that we will discuss...

How to increase AMH levels?

Even if your ovarian reserve is low, that doesn't mean you can't improve it! While Western medicine doesn't have much to offer, there are alternative medicine options you can try to improve your ovarian reserve.

These include the following:

1. Yoga (read my articleYoga postures for the treatment of infertility in womenFor more information)
2. Acupuncture
3. DHEA, 25 mg three times a day.
4. Wheat germ daily
5. CoQ 10, 100 mg daily
6. Vit D3 (Calcirol), 60,000 IU, once a week for 10 weeks (Haz a blog by Dr. Malpani)

Natural Treatment for Low AMH

Before I talk about natural treatment for low AMH, I want you to understand the problem from the proper perspective.

You can improve the quality of your eggs by:

Now your egg supply is running low.

Unfortunately, you cannot increase the number of eggs, and yet you canimprove the quality of your eggsand thus improve the chances of conception.

Healthy choices are key!

As you age, the health of your eggs is affected by poor dietary choices, poor blood circulation, hormonal imbalance, autoimmune disorders, and other health issues.

However, you can help your cells, organs, and systems with a proper diet and lifestyle.

The dietary and lifestyle choices you make also improve the quality and health of your eggs. If you want more information about diets, you can read my article20 foods that are crucial to get pregnant...

Here are some tips that you can follow right away.

3 Simple Tips to Increase Fertility with Low AMH Levels

1. Practice fasting and eat raw foods:

It is the best way to eliminate toxins from your body. The toxins damage the egg follicles.

Eliminating toxins is equivalent to improving your fertility and increasing the chances of conception.

Do you want to get pregnant fast?Try This Easy Fertility Cleanse

2. Practice yoga and abdominal stretches daily:

Yoga and abdominal exercises improve blood flow to the ovaries and support the healthy nutrition of the egg follicles.

3 yoga techniques that will change your life:Do you have 30 minutes a day? That's all you need to get pregnant.(New scientific studies confirm it)

3. Self-fertility massage:

Self-fertility massage is also best for improving blood circulation and improving fertility. Take a look at the following video to find out how you can give yourself a self-fertility massage.self fertility massageIt is very effective in increasing your fertility naturally and helps reduce the effects of fertility problems on your body.

These three simple lifestyle changes lead to many holistic changes in your life. You can read my other articleThree easy and proven ways to increase AMH levels naturallyfor information…

How to get pregnant naturally with low AMH levels (3)

Can you really get pregnant with low AMH levels?

AMH is not a factor in young women:

Low AMH levels in healthy young women do not appear to be a predictor of reduced fertility. This is consistent with the high egg quality in these young women despite reduced ovarian reserve. On the other hand, women with high AMH levels had a 40% reduction in RR, and this persisted even after excluding women with irregular cycles.

So what does it all mean? Currently, routine measurement of the AMH level as a “fertility check” in young women is not useful. This study clearly shows that young women with low AMH levels did not have a lower chance of conception compared to women with normal AMH levels.Click here to read more

These are the success stories with low AMH levels...

I got pregnant naturally after being told I wouldn't qualify for IVF

“My amh was 0.14 and I got pregnant naturally after a doctor told me I wouldn't qualify for IVF. Needless to say, I abandoned that practice. I have a 7 month old baby.”

“I also had very low AMH, so much so that the fertility doctor we went to said we wouldn't qualify for IVF unless we used an egg donor (!!!) She seriously tried to sell me this and it cost about US$$ 30k. Within a few months of finding out, we got pregnant completely naturally, without drugs or medicine, nothing. Read on for more information…

Let me remind you once again of the secret to getting pregnant quickly…

The secret to getting pregnant fast is to focus on restoring your overall health, which automatically restores your reproductive health. You can achieve this through the diet and lifestyle changes I've discussed so far.

My formula to get pregnant fastit is a 20% focus on modern medicine and 80% focus on natural therapy. By doing this, you are not only managing your symptoms, but also restoring your reproductive health.


Focus on restoring your reproductive health through diet and lifestyle changes. That alone makes your dream of becoming a mother come true.without failbecause you are tapping into your body's hidden potential to regain and revive your fertility on your own.


SIM!LowAMH levels; lowovarian reserve; lowegg healthit is in your interest.

you can be tooworriedif you CAN conceive naturally with your OWN EGGS…

Your doctor can rush you into IVF or IVF with donated eggs.

Don't be afraid and hurry up.

IVF should be a last resort because... your eggs may also not respond to IVF injections (that's why the success rate is low)

The best thing you can do is restore the health of your eggs.(this is the need of the moment).This is certainly possible.(success stories have shown it)

realize this truth

There is a better way to deal with low AMH levels...

The 3-step fertility method: restore hormonal balance and get pregnant in a few months (less than 1% of women knew about this method)

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Can you get pregnant naturally with very low AMH? ›

You can get pregnant naturally if you're having low levels of AMH as it fluctuates every month. However, it is possible for you to get pregnant naturally with your eggs or with donor eggs if you have a low AMH level. Your low AMH level will not decide your fertility and there are other ways to improve your fertility.

How can I get pregnant fast with low AMH? ›

What are the treatment options available for low AMH? If the woman fails to conceive naturally, she should go in for In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment. This method increases the chances of conceiving to 41-45%. If the results show that the percentage of follicles is very few, then the option is 'Donor oocyte IVF'.

What can I take to increase AMH? ›

The AMH level is just a reflection of the number of eggs in your ovary. There are no medications that you can take to increase this number. Increasing your AMH level does not increase your eggs in the ovary.

Does vitamin D increase AMH? ›

Vitamin D was shown to have a direct effect on AMH production, and women with higher vitamin D concentrations maintained their ovarian reserve for longer. In another study, lower serum 25(OH)D levels have been accompanied by higher serum FSH levels.

How long does it take to conceive naturally with low AMH? ›

Of women who had low AMH levels, defined as less than 0.7 ng/mL, 65% conceived within six menstrual cycles, and 84% conceived within 12 cycles. That's compared to women with normal AMH values, defined as 0.7 - 8.4 ng/ML, of whom 62% conceived in six cycles, and 75% conceived in 12 cycles.

How can I increase my AMH naturally? ›

Eggs are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B complex; both of which are important for optimum production of AMH. Conclusively, regular consumption of these foods can increase AMH levels naturally.

How many eggs left low AMH? ›

Usually, when the Anti-Müllerian hormone level is less than 1, we should obtain a low number of eggs — around 3.

What time of the month is AMH highest? ›

In other published studies, a peak AMH level was observed in the mid-follicular phase; AMH levels then started to decline prior to a rise in serum E2 and reached their nadir in the early luteal phase 25 , 27 .

How many eggs can you retrieve with low AMH? ›

Poor – Less than 4 eggs were retrieved or the IVF was cancelled for poor response. Normal – 4 to 8 eggs were retrieved. Good – 9 to 16 eggs were retrieved. High – More than 16 eggs were retrieved or the IVF was cancelled for a high response.

Can CoQ10 increase AMH? ›

The mean level of AMH in patients with PCOS showed that Q10 significantly decreased the AMH (2.2 ± 10.36 vs. 1.4 ± 8.57, p value = 0.02). Conclusion: The effect of Q10 intake as an inexpensive and effective therapy significantly reduced the level of AMH in patients with PCOS.

Which vitamin is good for AMH? ›

Serum AMH was significantly decreased following vitamin D supplementation in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) women (standardized mean difference (SMD) −0.53, 95% CI −0.91 to −0.15, p < 0.007), while it was significantly increased following vitamin D supplementation in ovulatory women without PCOS (SMD 0.49, 95% CI ...

What should I do if my AMH is low? ›

The most beneficial treatment for low AMH is in vitro fertilization (IVF). Depending on your diagnosis your physician will either recommend an IVF with your own eggs or with through the use of donor eggs.

Why is it hard to get pregnant with low AMH? ›

Shortened reproductive window: If a person with ovaries has low levels of AMH (meaning lower than what's “normal” for their specific age group), it can indicate that the duration of time when they're able to conceive (aka their reproductive window) is shorter.

How long does vitamin D take to increase AMH? ›

After 2 months of vitamin D supplementation, our results showed statistically significant increases in AFC and AMH levels and a statistically significant decrease in FSH level after supplementation.

Can AMH 0.2 get you pregnant? ›

AMH level does not indicate or decide whether a woman will be able to conceive or not. As many women with low AMH didn't lose hope and kept trying for natural pregnancy.

Can stress affect AMH? ›

When a stimulus is perceived as stressful, the HPA axis and SAM pathway may be activated [1]. As a result, growing follicles are lost due to the oxidative damage of ovarian follicle cells, which leads to a decrease of AMH level.

What medicine is good for low AMH? ›

Vitamin-D, Co-enzyme Q10, folic acid and fish oil supplementation has been associated with better outcomes in women with low AMH. DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)and testosterone supplementation also is associated with better response.

Is IVF the only option for low AMH? ›

A: Yes, it is possible to conceive with low AMH levels, but it may be more challenging. Women with low AMH levels may require fertility treatments such as IVF, donor eggs, or ovarian stimulation to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

How can I increase my ovarian reserve naturally? ›

7 Tips to Improve Egg Quality
  1. Stay Away from Cigarettes. Smoking permanently speeds up egg loss in the ovaries. ...
  2. Manage Stress. ...
  3. Eat Healthy. ...
  4. Achieve a Normal BMI (body mass index). ...
  5. Boost Blood Flow. ...
  6. Invest in Supplements. ...
  7. Freeze Your Eggs.

How long does AMH take to get back? ›

Your AMH result takes around one week to come through following your test.

How likely is pregnancy with low AMH? ›

Young patients (< age 30 y) with low AMH levels have been shown to have a fairly good chance of getting pregnant naturally. It is therefore NOT a good idea to get an AMH level as a “fertility check” in a young, otherwise healthy woman who may not even be trying to get pregnant.

What should AMH level be for 35 year old? ›

25 years old: 3.0 ng/mL. 30 years old: 2.5 ng/mL. 35 years old: 1.5 ng/ mL. 40 years old: 1 ng/mL.

Does low AMH mean early menopause? ›

In minimally adjusted models, each 0.10 ng/ml lower AMH was associated with a 14% higher risk of early menopause (OR = 1.14; 95% CI = 1.10–1.17; P < 0.001).

What day should AMH be done? ›

At what time in the menstrual cycle should AMH be taken? Unlike serum FSH, Anti-Mullerian Hormone levels fluctuate very little during the menstrual cycle and therefore can be taken at any time during a normal menstrual cycle.

Can AMH go back up? ›

It is possible to increase your AMH levels naturally. You can encourage your body to naturally raise levels of AMH by eating a diet which is rich in necessary nutrients, such as vitamin D. There is also research that shows women taking the micronutrients present in Impryl actually experienced increased AMH levels.

Can you do egg freezing with low AMH? ›

Egg freezing is possible with a low AMH, but when levels indicate the early stages of menopause (peri-menopause), fertility treatment will be unlikely to be successful and typically doctors will advise against a cycle. Whilst AMH levels are used to measure ovarian reserve, they are likely not a measure of egg quality.

How long to take CoQ10 for fertility? ›

CoQ10 supplementation has been shown to improve egg quality, sperm quality, and pregnancy rates. Sperm and eggs both take about 90 days to develop. For best results, fertility specialists recommend taking CoQ10 and other fertility supplements for 90+ days if possible.

Can I take 400 mg of CoQ10 for fertility? ›

Nonetheless, CoQ10 is safe and promising enough for women who are concerned they may have fertility problems to take as a daily supplement. As with men, a dosage of 200-400mg per day for at least three months is about right.

How much CoQ10 should I take daily for fertility? ›

CoQ10 doses of 100–600 mg have been shown to help boost fertility ( 34 ).

What happens when AMH is very low? ›

If your test result showed no AMH in your blood, it means you are in menopause. If you're younger than age 40 and have symptoms of menopause, an AMH level that's lower than average for your age may be a sign of primary ovarian insufficiency.

Can IVF be successful with very low AMH? ›

Women with very low AMH levels (< 0.5 ng/mL) undergoing IVF still have a chance of achieving a pregnancy, but their prognosis is significantly affected by chronological age.

How can I improve my egg quality with low AMH? ›

Treatment with low AMH level
  1. Yoga and Regular Exercise.
  2. Balanced Diet.
  3. Acupuncture.
  4. DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) supplements. DHEA is mainly a hormone that has the ability to improve the quality and quantity of eggs.

Does low AMH mean no eggs? ›

Having a low AMH level means that a woman has a low ovarian reserve (egg supply). Low AMH means that you have a low ovarian reserve, but it doesn't mean that you are unable to conceive naturally. Unfortunately, there are no proven ways to increase your AMH levels.

Does low AMH mean poor quality? ›

Does having a low AMH mean you have poor egg quality? Important point here: low AMH does not mean that you have bad quality eggs. Age is the important factor when it comes to egg quality. The younger you are when you freeze your eggs, the higher chance that they will lead to healthy embryos and a baby.


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