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Maye, you heard a rumor that you could pass the follicleDrug test with vinegar or Aloe Rid Detox shampoo? These are the components of a system called the Macujo method, which claims to remove enough toxins from the hair to test negative. We will describe this method here. We have not developed this method and do not promote it; Use it at your own risk. You can also discoverMyths about drug tests.


What is the Macujo method and how does it work?

The Macujo Method is a method developed to cut hairdrug test. It was apparently developed by a guy from a marijuana discussion board who had to take a drug test on his hair. He continues reading FMAHealth to learn more about it.

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Toxin removal with aloe verashampoo +zydotVery clean

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  • is the main partThe method of Jerry G.!
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Necessary elements for the Macujo method to pass the hair weed test
  • Cap
  • Pink Clean and Clear Acne Cleanser
  • A packet of Tide liquid detergent
  • Safety glasses
  • Single-use gloves
  • White vinegar
  • Hot water
  • Zydot Ultra Clean - shampoo for the Macujo method
  • Shampoo that eliminates toxins with aloe vera - propylene glycol based shampoo
  • Towel
  • Interior
  • New or clean combs

Step-by-step instructions for the Macujo method

  1. Put on gloves and glasses. First, rinse your hair thoroughly to remove oil and debris from the surface of the hair shaft. This will allow the chemicals to reach the cuticle, which will open and wash the cuticle.
  2. Find white vinegar, any store brand or Heinz will be fine. Massage the hair, trying to reach the scalp. Contains acetic acid, which will help open the hair cuticle.
  3. While you are still using the vinegar, take Clean and Clear Pink Acne Wash. Contains salicylic acid, which will help break down and rinse the hair cuticle.
  4. Now put on a shower cap and leave the mixture on your hair for a total of 30 minutes. Then rinse your hair well.
  5. Now you can start washing off the shampoo.Szampon Old Style Aloe Rid Detox. The reason we use this shampoo is because it contains propylene glycol. Long ago Nexxus produced it as a shampoo to remove toxins from the hair and it became popular. Nexxus has stopped manufacturing this version for unknown reasons. If it actually removes toxins from the hair cuticle, the only way to do that is to damage the hair, then there is a chance that they would stop doing it. However, the people who had to pass drug tests on their hair were already hungry for the original formula. Forward,clear test websiteThey started doing the old formula. Shampoo and rinse.
  6. Now add a few drops of Tide detergent and shampoo. We are not saying that it is safe. We describe what people do. Use it at your own risk. Tide contains proteases that break down the proteins in the hair. Possible damage to the scalp.
  7. now shampoo withZydot ultra clean shampoo.
  8. Repeat this 3 times the day before the test. Do this once on the day of the test.

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How well does the Macujo method work?

On the Internet, you can find claims that this method is effective on sites like Reddit. However, one study found that styling-damaging hair treatments actually reduce drug metabolites and that the amount of drug residue released equals the amount of damage done to the hair. hair (Elsué and Yegles). For this reason, the Macujo method is likely to reduce the content of certain drug metabolites in the hair. The problem is that the security of such a solution can be questionable. It can damage your hair, scalp, and even damage your eyes.

We estimate this approach to be the second best, after the Jerry G method. The advantage is that the Jerry G method takes 10 days, while the Macujo method can be done in 3 to 1 days.

What to do and what not to do

  • Make sure all ingredients get to the closest 1.5 inches of hair to the scalp.
  • Put on gloves and glasses.
  • Use this process more than once.
  • Includes good detox shampoos.
  • Do not allow ingredients to come into contact with your eyes or hands. Wear gloves and goggles.
  • Don't cut your hair.
  • Do not use old, dirty combs, which may contain old medication residue.
  • Don't fight the pain. If something hurts it is because it causes damage. Abort the mission or at least modify it to make it more convenient.
  • Don't spend a lot on a detox shampoo.
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Our number 1 choice

Szampon Aloe Toxin Rid + Zydot Ultra Clean

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  • is the main partThe method of Jerry G.!
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Zydot ultra clean shampoo

  • Shampoo and conditioner. An internal hair cleansing treatment that removes medications, chemical residues, and other impurities from within the hair.
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Pros and cons

  • It can be done in one day.
  • Does not require bleaching or dyeing the hair.
  • Use the most reliable detoxifying shampoos.
  • May damage hair, scalp, skin, or eyes.
  • May produce an allergic reaction.
  • There is no direct scientific research behind it.

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The Matsujo method vs. Jerry G

The Jerry G method is a method to remove drug residue from the hair that lasts 10 days. After 10 days, you lighten and dye your hair a natural color, then wash it with a detoxifying shampoo. Then the day before the test, you do it again. To study ininternational forensic sciencein 2019 showed that this method significantly reduces the metabolites of all drugs, including opioids, amphetamines, methamphetamine, and THC.

AsFMAHaludHe states that the advantage of Jerry G's method is that it has direct scientific support. Also, as many people have bleached and dyed their hair before, they already know if their scalp is sensitive to the ingredients, whereas with the Macujo Method you can't be sure how your skin will react to the ingredients. Also, if something goes wrong, you can report it to the manufacturer of the product if you've dyed your hair, and if you've misused Tide detergent by putting it on your hair and reacted badly, you're on the right track. his because he has not used the product as intended.

Frequent questions

Q: What is the best shampoo that will pass the hair drug test?
A: It is rumoredGet rid of toxins with ancient aloe verazclear test websiteIt is the best detoxifying shampoo that has passed the hair follicles drug test. It contains an ingredient called propylene glycol which is believed to help remove drug residue from the hair.

The second option is Ultra Clean from Zydot. A study confirms that it extracts a small amount of drug metabolites (Röhrich, Zörntlein and Pötsch) from the hair. To study inInternational Journal of Legal Medicinein 2000 showed a reduction in the concentration of morphine, THC, cocaine and other drugs after treatment with Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo. However, the study concluded that a shampoo alone was not enough to reduce levels below detectable. This is what the other steps of the Macujo Method can achieve.

P: What are the drug detection times in hair follicles?
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A: Residues of the drug can be detected in the hair 5-7 days after use. A hair drug test will detect residue left in the last 90 days.

Q: How long does marijuana stay in hair follicles?
A: Marijuana will remain in the first 1.5 inches of hair for 90 days.

Q: Will this work with all kinds of medications?
Answer: Theoretically yes. If the hair shaft is damaged, the drug metabolites will be less detectable.

Q: Does the Macujo method damage my hair?
Oh yeah. The study cited above shows that chemical damage to the hair shaft makes drug metabolites less detectable, and the greater the damage, the more drug metabolites are released from the hair. However, if the hair is visibly overcooked, the tester may pick up armpit or groin hair, so you don't want to rub it.

Q: Can the Macujo method be used on body hair?
Answer: Yes, you can. Keep in mind that different areas of the body have skin with different levels of sensitivity. While one area may not respond, you can respond in another area. Body folds, such as those in the armpits and groin, can have the most sensitive skin.


The Macujo method can help you pass a hair drug test. But you should consider it an act of desperation since the chemicals can damage your skin or eyes. If you know your skin is sensitive and reactive, it may be best to use the Jerry G Method or deviate from the Macujo method, such as using Tide Hair & Scalp Wash. Don't forget eitherGet rid of toxins with ancient aloe veraIZydot Ultra Cleanare required items.


Elsué, Nicolas Van and Michel Yegles. “Effect of cosmetic hair treatments on hair cannabinoids: bleaching, permanent and permanent.”international forensic science297 (2019): 270-276. 19 1 2020.
Röhrich, J. et al. "Effect of Ultra Clean Shampoo on Drug Concentration in Human Hair".International Journal of Legal Medicine113,2 (2000): 102-106. 18 1 2020.

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