Mike Macujo method tips, tricks and instructions. (2023)

  • Important: Do not use an old brush, comb or pick. Buy a new one or boil the old one in water and clean it with alcohol.

  • Towel dry your hair between each step.

  • Every time you use a shampoo with our system, you will permanently lower its levels in your hair.

  • If you used it daily or intensively, you should wash the shampoo at least 10 times.

  • THC –try shampooMacujo Mike'a Methodat least 8 to 20 times if the user is heavy.

  • Opiates –Try to shampoo Mike's Macujo Method at least 10-20 times if you use it a lot.

  • COCAINE – MET – ECSTASY –These drugs are the hardest of all drugs. Depending on how often you have shampooed in the last 4 months will depend on how many times you need to shampoo with my method. Example: You must wash with my methods at least 1 to 3 times a day every time you use it. If you have used any of them up to 5 times, you need to wash your hair for 5 to 15 washes. If you are a chronic user, we also recommend bleaching and re-dying.

  • It will never be clean so try to do the Macujo Mike Method more than 1 time a day and treat the Macujo Mike Method as a single system and space out the system for at least 4 hours before doing the Macujo Mike Method again to avoid breakouts and irritation. . If you are older than 3 weeks, you do not need to do it 1 to 3 times a day, you can do it once a day or every other day.

  • Do not use brushes that you have used in the past. Buy a new comb or choose a brush if that's not possible. Boil the water and wash well with alcohol. Many people have not known how to use the old comb and brush,***Please take this advice SERIOUSLY***

  • Clean your hair daily using my methods with a clean towel.

  • If you have long hair and have smoked in the car in the past, be sure to place a towel on the headrest of the car to prevent clean hair from sticking to the seats from secondhand smoke.

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  • How toxins (Thc, cocaine, prescription drugs, etc.) remain in the hair. When I say "toxins", I mean any illegal drug that might cause you to fail the hair test; remember that for every week you stay clean, you will get another 1/8 inch of clean growth. So it's in your best interest to wait as long as possible to try to shift the balance from clean hair to dirty hair.

  • Keep in mind that the first 1/8 inch is the root just below the scalp.

  • The minimum hair length required for testing is 5/8 inch of hair. when they say they will go back 90 days or 6 months it is not true, they can only go back by the length of the hair taken from the head... ½ inch of hair is 30 days, 1 inch is 60 days. men have the luxury of being able to cut their hair down to 5/8 of an inch, and women will have to return the required 1 ½ inches of hair, which will take about 90 days.

  • Now for the guys, if your hair is longer than 5/8 inch and mostly clean, DO NOT CUT IT, only cut it to 5/8 inch if you wear it daily, but if you have worn it very rarely in the past , CLOSE IT TO 5/ 8 WILL HARM YOU because cutting off most of the pure growth and leaving it on the head will dilute the toxins. Because they cut the hair and melt it down to a liquid state, and leaving the hair above 5/8 will help thin out dirty hair (this is a bit confusing so if you have any questions feel free to call me)


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Let the hair on your head begin to grow. Don't shave or trim it


  • If you shave your head hair and know you're going to have a hair test soon, immediately reduce all body hair to position #1 as soon as possible.

  • Then from the day your HEAD HAIR starts to grow, don't shave it and within 1 week to 10 days your head hair will be 3 times longer than your body hair. Do not start the method until you have at least ¼ inch of hearing on your head, otherwise this will be the only skin cleansing.

  • Who is testing you? Tell them that you always shave off all your body hair and that you will let them grow it out so they can try it, but make sure that the hair on your body stays much shorter than the hair on your head.

  • Please note that the minimum amount of hair needed to test is 5/8 inch if the hair on your head is not 5/8 inch. When you go for your hair test that day, play dumb. What happens is that they will ask you if you have longer body or armpit hair. Of course, this will not be the case because you have made sure that the hair on your head is longer. What they tell you will come back to you in a week or two and they will also tell you not to cut your hair.

  • So now on the day of the test do the Macujo Mike Method again for at least 4 days and then on the day of the test use Ultra Clean Ultra Cleanse as the last step right after the Macujo Mike Method and then do the test . in a few

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1 inch of body hair can contain 3 times more toxins compared to 1 inch of scalp hair

BODY HAIR? Why you should never grow body hair

  • Body hair grows 3 times slower than scalp hair; This means you are exposed to 3 times more toxins than scalp hair, so 1 inch of body hair can contain 3 times more toxins compared to 1 inch of scalp hair.

  • Body hair is thicker and coarser than head hair, so it will contain more toxins than head hair.

  • It is very difficult to do the MACUJO Method on all the hair on the body, due to gravity, you have to keep your armpits up for 40 minutes to do it.The MACUJO methodand it will drip, and you will also need to do hair on your chest, legs, arms and back. Do not cut your pubic hair as you are not allowed to remove hair from the pubic area.

  • Now that you understand why having your body hair tested is very dangerous for you. How to avoid it? The best way to avoid having to hand your body hair over to a collector is to get a hair clipper/trimmer and set all your body hair to number 1. The buzzer attachment will give you about 1/8 inch of hair. In this way your hair will be very short on the body, now it will reach where the longest hair is, so now it will be the hair on the head,

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  • You should also press them firmly against your face. They should be much shorter than the hair on your head, otherwise you risk trying to cut your beard.

Here are some examples: For a better understanding

Example 1

Let's say you've never used illegal toxins and on January 1st, New Year's Eve, you went out with your friends, drank a little and smoked a little marijuana, maybe had ecstasy or a few ounces of Coke, and that was the first time. You haven't used any toxins for almost a year and now, with a bit of luck, you get a good job offer and you have to pass a drug test on your hair. Well, if you take this test within 7 days, which is between January 1-7, your hair will still be clean and you will pass the test because it takes 7-10 days for hair to grow from the roots. your scalp. However, if your exam is scheduled for January 15, you will fail.

Example No. 2

Let's say the last time you used illegal toxins was January 1st, New Year's Eve, and you took a hair drug test on January 21st. This means that you have only been clean for the last 3 weeks, which will only give you 2/8 inch of clean hair close to your scalp. Now remember if you last used toxins on January 1st your hair will be clean by January 7th because the first 1/8 inch is below the scalp then another 2 weeks will give 2/8 inch of growth pure above the scalp, which is January 21. You will now stay clean for another week, which is January 28, which means that 3/8 inch above your scalp will be clean.

  • From January 1-7, the first 1/8 inch under the scalp is clean.

  • January 14, second week 1/8 inch is clean above the scalp

  • January 21, 3 weeks 2/8 inch is clean above the scalp

  • January 28, week 4 3/8 inch clean above scalp

  • So every 7 days you will get another 1/8 of your pure growth.

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