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With the Cornèrcard Platinum card you can enjoy excellent service and exclusive benefits all over the world. Discover the first-class services offered with your card in the following sections.

1.Cornercard refund

With Cornèrcard Cashback, you can get 1.5% cash back on every purchase with Cornèrcard Platinum, anytime, anywhere. How does the program work:

  • The refund is the same1,5%your shopping
  • The accumulated cashback is valid for 12 months and can be used from the cashback amount of CHF 25 and transferred to your Cornèrcard.
  • You can check how much cashback you have accumulated at any timeicorner.chand in the iCornèr application.
  • Membership cards accumulate cashback in the same account in the amount of1%.

2.Priority Pass™ Airport Lounges

You and your partner can enjoy unlimited free access to over 1,300 Priority Pass™ lounges around the world. The Priority Pass™ Membership Card is mailed to you.

Good to know:From the App Store or Google Play, you can download the free Priority Pass™ app to help you locate and access lounges, navigate airports, manage your account and much more.

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3.concierge services

The award-winning Cornèrcard Concierge service, offered in collaboration with the Sincura Group, includes everything to make life easier: from reservations at the most exclusive restaurants to high-end trip planning, including VIP tickets for sold-out events and domestic help. The free Cornèrcard Concierge app is your key to a world of digital lifestyle.

Customer service in English, German, French and Italian:24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Consult the service immediately: scan the QR code to register online.

platinum world cornercard (1)

Telephone:+41 58 880 99 11

4.Includes Platinum insurance benefits

Travel insurance with family protection:Whether it is cancellation costs, delayed departure, interruption or early return, you are covered by comprehensive coverage. Also included are travel assistance, replacement travel, travel delays, travel baggage, medical expenses, medical assistance, and deductible car rental cancellations.

2-year warranty extension:Thanks to the warranty extension, you get a two-year extension of insurance coverage for your electronic devices purchased worldwide.


Purchase Protection Insurance:Theft, robbery, damage or destruction: The purchase insurance covers damage up to CHF 5000 per incident within the first 45 days of purchase.

The best price, guaranteed:If within 14 days of the purchase you find an identical offer from another Swiss provider that is at least CHF 30 cheaper, you will be refunded the price difference (minimum product value: CHF 50).

Legal protection insurance:Your purchases with Cornèrcard Platinum are covered by the Global Legal Expenses Insurance. You will receive support in the processing of claims up to a cost of CHF 350,000.

Detailed information can be found in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance

5.membership cards

With the Cornèrcard Platinum in CHF you can, if you wish, request up to three additional Cornèrcard Gold cards, which are included in the price.

Ask about membership cards

6.Online customer portal and mobile payments

Thanks to iCornèr's online customer portal, you always have an overview of your card usage and can do many things in self-service mode and take advantage of personalized offers. Register directly on the iCornèr login page (top right button at

iCorner app
Stay in control of your card details, anytime, anywhere: In the iCornèr app, you can set up push notifications for your transactions, check your card balance and usage, and update your personal information and other settings like it seems better.

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Download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

mobile payments
Trust your smartphone, smartwatch or other mobile device to make payments with Cornèrcard Platinum on the go, conveniently and securely!Know more

3D security
Thanks to this international security standard, you confirm every online transaction with a unique six-digit security code, which is now always sent to you by SMS.Know more

7.monthly statements

Content of your monthly statement*
Your monthly statement is printed on both sides and lists all of your transactions, your total limit, and finally your outstanding balance. On the last page you will also receive a payment receipt and information about current promotions.

Issuance and delivery of a monthly statement
You receive a monthly statement automatically, regardless of the number of transactions made or the amount of your outstanding balance. If your balance is less than CHF 5, Cornèrcard will credit this amount to your next monthly statement free of charge to keep administrative costs low. Depending on your wishes, you will receive the statement free of charge by post or electronically via iCornèr. You can find more information in your electronic monthly statementHere.

Monthly statement payment
Your monthly statement balance is not due until 25 days after the date of your monthly statement. You can pay your outstanding balance through electronic banking, payment slip** or direct debit (LSV+/Debit Direct). You can find the form for LSV+/Debit DirectHere

Any discrepancy can be reported in writing within 30 days of the date of the monthly statement.

repayment schedule
Our payment schedule gives you the option to pay your monthly statement balance in installments. Under this agreement, you must pay 2.5% of the invoice amount (but at least CHF 50) each month within 25 days of the date of your monthly statement.
Your benefits:

  • You don't have to submit an application or do any paperwork: you can immediately use the installment payment option.
  • Flexible term: you set the term for the return of the installments yourself.
  • Individually adjustable monthly installments: you choose the amount you want to pay.

The provisions regarding the repayment schedule established in the General Terms and Conditions apply. Interest is calculated on the basis of an annual interest rate not exceeding 12%.

* Monthly statements and all other correspondence from Cornèrcard are printed, packaged and prepared by partner companies located in Switzerland that have been commissioned by Cornèr Bank Ltd. to provide such services in Switzerland.
** For payments at post office windows, charges may apply depending on the amount paid. More information can be found at

8.About your card

Make contactless payments with your Cornèrcard Platinum card
The contactless feature makes card use even more convenient by allowing you to process small amounts securely, reliably and quickly. Just touch the Cornèrcard with the card reader, wait for the beep and that's it.
Activate the contactless feature of your Platinum card simply by entering your PIN on your first contactless payment.

The following symbols indicate contactless payments:

platinum world cornercard (2)

The card verification number, known as CVV2 on Visa cards and CVC2 on Mastercard cards, is additional security built into payment cards. Its purpose is to prevent the use of stolen credit card data and make online purchases even more secure.
The verification code consists of the last three digits in the signature field on the back of the card.

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9.important documents

Here you will find the most important documents for your Cornèrcard.

General Terms and Conditions

General insurance conditions

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Price, interest and commissions


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