The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now (2023)

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Today, people are busy with both work and life. It may take a week or more to read the entire book. Therefore, audiobooks that do not require eyes or hands and allow you to reach for your favorite book while doing sports, doing housework or other tasks are becoming more and more popular in today's world. It's killing two birds with one stone.

Spotify specializes in not only offering a large number of music resources, but also all kinds of audiobooks. In this article we have selectedlist of top 10 audiobooks on spotifyfor you, including romance, classic, horror, reality and more. Check them out now and start your adventure reading audiobooks that interest you


Top 10 Audiobooks on Spotify

Helen Hoang Kissing Quotient

The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now (1)

📌Category:contemporary romance

✨Best for:A sensitive public that likes romantic stories.

kissing quotientis a contemporary romance novel written by Helen Hoang. It tells the story of Stella, an econometrician with autism spectrum disorders, and Michael, the chaperone she hires toteach him about sexual and romantic relationships.

The novel is about how Stella overcomes her limits and learns to be in a romantic relationship. The author Helen Hoang is also a patient with autism spectrum disorder. She therefore colorfully described how Stella struggles with physical intimacy. The narrator does a great job bringing the characters in this story to life.

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Jane Eyre autora Charlotte Brontë

The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now (2)

📌Category:Gotyk, Bildungsroman y Romans

✨Best for:Listeners who like stories about personal development in difficult times.

maybe you have readJane EyreOr you heard the title when you were in college because it was so popular. Now available on Spotify as one of the original Spotify Audiobooks. Jane Eyre tells her story from a first-person perspective.remember your life after marriageto Edward Rochester. It is an autobiography.

So when the narrator tells the story, you'll feel like Jane Eyre's friend. You will sympathize with her suffering as she inspires you with her courage not to give up.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now (3)

📌Category:Science fiction

✨Best for:People who like competition and an exciting story.

If you are a lover of science fiction novels, you will not miss itThe Hunger Games, which is one of the best audiobook series on Spotify. The book tells the story of Katniss Everdeen, a 16-year-old girl who pays homage to herself during the annual Hunger Games. Shegoes through various trials and tribulations to stay alive.

With a lot of help from the others, she and Peeta pull off a double victory. The plot is really impressive and exciting. Thanks to the wonderful narration, you will feel like the hero of the story.

El gran Gatsby de F. Scott Fitzgerald

The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now (4)

📌Category:tragedy and modernism

✨Best for:Listeners who like tragic love stories with an unexpected ending.

If you are a lover of tragedy,Gran Gatsbyis one of your best bets. This is the crowning achievement of the work of F. Scott Fitzgerald. While it's already been adapted into a major Hollywood movie, the audiobook version can provide a completely different experience. You'll hear the actual words of this American classic. It's a standalone audiobook that ran for about three hours.

the story goes onan eccentric millionaire and his girlfriend in the Jazz Age. Great narration and an unexpected ending make the three-hour story a fleeting moment.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

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The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now (5)

📌Category:A classic coming-of-age story.

✨Best for:People interested in feminism.

First published in 1868.Little womanby Louisa May Alcott remains a best-selling book after more than 150 years. Based on the story of the American Civil War, this standalone audiobook follows the lives of four sisters.

underlinespersonal dignity, independence and self-discipline. This classic is a semi-autobiographical novel with female characters and feminist consciences.

The metamorphosis of Franz Kafka

The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now (6)

📌Category:absurd fiction

✨Best for:Listeners who like absurd stories and realistic novels.

Written by Kafka,MetamorphosisIt is perhaps his most famous work, which presents the absurd and incredible story of Gregor Samsa, the main character, transformed into an insect. His life reflects a series of unsatisfactory events that he remembers as a salesman.

Booktakes human existence to a different level of social consciousness. If you know what happened to the character, listen to this audiobook. You will have unforgettable listening sessions.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter

The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now (7)

📌Category:personal finance book

✨Best for:Listeners interested in making money and managing finances.

rich dad poor dadis the true story of the writer Robert Kiyosaki, whose biological father had a very bad timedifferent views on moneythan his friend's father, which led him to become interested in the science of money. In the end, he followed the advice of his friend's father, which is what the book says.

Rich dad is not a slave to money, but he makes money work for us. He eventually became a legendary and successful investor. If you are interested in the financial category, do not miss this audiobook.

Goosebumps Series by RL Stine

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The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now (8)

📌Category:A series of horror books for children.

✨Best for:Listeners, especially children who like horror and mysteries.

Goose-fleshis a series of horror novels written by American author R. L. Stine. The characters in these stories are teenagers or teenagers who find themselves in frightening circumstances, usually involving the supernatural, paranormal, or the occult. Stine characterizes the series as "Scary books that are also funny.”.

Sixty-two books were published under the collective title Goosebumps between 1992 and 1997. Each book features different characters and baby settings. If your son likes terror and thrillers, this series will surely surprise him.

Danger to Self and Others by Alyssa B. Sheinmel

The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now (9)

📌Category:A dark contemporary book for young adults.

✨Best for:Viewers who prefer realistic and depressing tones.

Danger to self and othersis another standalone audiobook. It depicts the struggle of a girl in a mental health facility, stripped of all autonomy and confined to a single room. This title is a wonderful story full of secrets, heartbreak and hope.

The narrator's voice will mysteriously lead you to a remote healing center, offering you an honest look atyouth experiences with mental illnessand the impact of mental illness on others.

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now (10)

📌Category:romantic book

✨Best for:Viewers who love romance in the stark old world.

age of innocence, a Wharton classic released as an audiobook on Spotify, tells the love story between the young, popular and successful lawyer Newland Archer, his wife May Welland and May's cousin Ellen Olenska. The title is set after World War I, when the old social order was crumbling and Americans were struggling with the pain of disappointment.

This isa wry comment on the polished exterior manners of New York societycompared to his internal machinations. It will be there in about 11 hours, so it could be perfect for your next long trip!

Tips: How to Find Audiobooks on Spotify

If you are interested in the titles listed above, you can browse these audiobooks directly on Spotify. If you haven't listened to the audiobook, you may not know to get them on spotify. Read on for this section. It will show you a few steps to make it as easy as possible to navigate through all the audio content on Spotify.

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Paso 1.Open Spotify and type "audio booksin the search box at the top of the Spotify screen.

Paso 2.Next, you will see Top Result, which is the Spotify audiobook playlist. This is a great list of audiobooks where you can browse and find one you like.

Paso 3.or onlyscroll downsearch results page. Then you can see "Songs", "Artists", "Albums" and "Playlists".

Stage 4.Then select any of them and click "see everything". Browse and find the one that interests you.

The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now (11)

Use:If you have an idea, you can also search for the name of the book in the search bar and click Enter. You can then view the audiobook you want to listen to.


Here are the top 10 Spotify audiobooks selected for you. These are fantastic stories that are gaining popularity and are known all over the world, which are worth listening to. If you're bored while doing chores or running at the gym, tune in to an audiobook on Spotify. You may be surprised at what you hear.

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The 10 Best Spotify Audiobooks to Listen to Right Now? ›

Where can you find audiobooks on Spotify? There are two ways to search for audiobooks on Spotify. Log on to on your web browser. In the search bar with the magnifying glass at the top, enter a book title or an author you're interested in, or scroll down to the “Audiobooks” button to search by category.

How do I find good audiobooks on Spotify? ›

Where can you find audiobooks on Spotify? There are two ways to search for audiobooks on Spotify. Log on to on your web browser. In the search bar with the magnifying glass at the top, enter a book title or an author you're interested in, or scroll down to the “Audiobooks” button to search by category.

What audiobooks can I listen to on Spotify? ›

Here are our picks for the best audiobook series on Spotify:
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Sarah Rees Brennan.
  • Crystal Wing Academy – Marty Mayberry.
  • Daphne and Velma – multiple authors.
  • Dr. ...
  • Foundation Series (BBC radio play) – Isaac Asimov.
  • Openly Straight – Bill Konigsberg.

Is there any free audio books on Spotify? ›

Unlike music and podcasts, audiobooks aren't free, even on Premium. Below are a selection of books and their prices on Spotify.

Why did Spotify remove audiobooks? ›

After a brief fight with Apple and two rejected fixes, Spotify has updated its app on the App Store to remove audiobook purchases. Apple said that Spotify was trying to circumvent its App Store rules by directing customers to purchase audiobooks outside of the app, although it initially said it was okay.

Does Spotify have full audiobooks? ›

How to listen to audiobooks on Spotify. Finding audiobooks on Spotify is pretty easy as long as you know where to look. Unlike music and podcasts, Spotify's audiobooks aren't free, so you'll need to pay up before you can start listening.

Is Spotify good for audiobooks? ›

If you listen to a lot of audiobooks, an Audible subscription is the best way to get started. Not every audiobook will be included in the free catalog, but it's still a lot more than what Spotify offers for free. Spotify is a nice option if you're a more casual audiobook listener that already uses Spotify.

How do I listen to audiobooks for free library? ›

Libby is a free app where you can borrow ebooks, digital audiobooks, and magazines from your public library. You can stream titles with Wi-Fi or mobile data, or download them for offline use and read anytime, anywhere. All you need to get started is a library card.

Are audiobooks good for your brain? ›

According to the Audio Publishers Association, audiobooks help “build and enhance vital literacy skills such as fluency, vocabulary, language acquisition, pronunciation, phonemic awareness, and comprehension—skills that often boost reading scores.” Need some audiobook recommendations for kids?

Is there an app to listen to audiobooks for free? ›

Kobo Books is a free app available on Android and iOS that hosts a range of ebooks and audiobooks. The app offers both free and paid products, from non-fiction to fantasy, crime to history, and romance to supernatural. Whatever you're in the mood for, Kubo Books likely has the right book for you.

How many audiobooks are there on Spotify? ›

Image Credits: Spotify

this September, offering users access to over 300,000 audiobook titles. These are discoverable within a new “Audiobooks” hub in the Spotify app as well as in curated recommendations.

What happened to free audiobooks on Spotify? ›

Unlike podcasts and music, though, you're not able to stream audiobooks for free — even if you pay for Spotify Premium. Instead, the new system works like a more traditional, store-based audiobook platform, letting you buy from a library of 300,000 audiobooks at prices set by publishers.

What does the lock mean on Spotify audiobooks? ›

The audiobooks will feature a lock icon over the play button to indicate that they need to be purchased.

Which audio book app is best? ›

Best Apps For Audiobooks
  1. Audible – Listening is the New Reading. ...
  2. Spotify – Free Music/Audiobooks for Everyone. ...
  3. Audiobooks – Signup for a Free Trial and Get 3 Audiobooks Free. ...
  4. Google Play Books – Home of Your Favourite eBooks and Audiobooks. ...
  5. LibriVox – Free Public Domain Audiobooks. ...
  6. Amazon Kindle Books with Audible.

Do prime members get Audible? ›

Is Audible free with Prime? No. An Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus membership is separate from a Prime membership.

Are audiobooks as good as reading? ›

There is little to no difference in comprehension between the two types of consuming literature. Even though the information is processed differently by our brain, recent audiobooks vs reading research from 2021 showed that the overall difference between reading and listening in terms of comprehension was negligible.

Where can I find full audiobooks? ›

The 20 Best Places To Find Free Audiobooks Online
  • LibriVox. ...
  • Lit2Go. ...
  • ...
  • BBC Sounds. ...
  • Open Culture. ...
  • Learn Out Loud. ...
  • OverDrive. ...
  • Scribl.
Mar 10, 2021

What does Spotify count as a full listen? ›

What does Spotify count as a play or one stream of a song? This is important to know for artists, as it is what will count towards your total plays and the revenue you earn. Spotify classifies a single stream of a song when it has been listened to for 30 seconds or more.

How much do audiobooks cost on Audible? ›

How much does Audible really cost? Audible Plus is $7.95 a month, for which you get to listen to any book in the library (but you don't get to keep them). Audible Premium Plus costs $14.95 a month and gives you everything Audible Plus does plus 1 credit per month to select any audiobook in their library to keep.

Which is best Spotify or Audible? ›

The additional sound effects and collaboration with great storytellers give Audible an edge. It's safe to say that Spotify would need some time to come to par with the premium audio quality that Audible has been offering for years.

What is the difference between Scribd and Audible? ›

Audible Summary. The key differences between Scribd and Audible are with Audible, you have higher audio quality, the largest library, and you own the audiobooks forever. With Scribd, you have access to written content, a flat monthly fee to listen, but a much smaller library of books you will never own.

Are there benefits to listening to audiobooks? ›

What are the benefits of listening to audiobooks? Some of the top benefits of listening to audiobooks include that they can help you improve your pronunciation and fluency, they can help you manage your time better, and they help people build critical listening skills, including children.

Is audiobook free with prime? ›

Prime members access free eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more. Prime Reading.

Is Libby any good? ›

It's is a great tool for connecting to library materials, and its features make it easy to read and listen to ebooks and audiobooks. The fact that Libby is free to use is just the icing on the cake. I can highly recommend Libby as a great way to access library materials and to get more reading done.

Does Libby have free audiobooks? ›

With Libby, you can borrow free ebooks, digital audiobooks, and magazines from your library. All you need is a library card. When you open Libby for the first time, you'll search for your library. Then, you can explore the collection and borrow titles or place holds instantly.

Why are audiobooks good for seniors? ›

An Antidote to Loneliness

The simple sound of human voices helps seniors feel less alone. Although socialization and conversation are not formally present when listening to an audiobook, the elderly experience comfort in imagining someone they know or love is reading to them.

Is it good to sleep while listening to an audiobook? ›

Audiobooks can be a great way to help you get a good night's sleep. Listening to audiobooks while sleeping can help your brain waves slow down and enter into a deep sleep, like is achieved through the Rapid eye movement (REM sleep) cycle, which is a critical stage of sleep for your short-term and long-term memory.

Why reading is better than listening? ›

In addition, researchers have found that reading delivers information faster than listening. An average reading speed for an adult is between 250 and 300 words per minute. By contrast, the average speaking speed usually doesn't exceed 160 words per minute.

How to listen Audible for free? ›

Free listens

Stream hundreds of free audiobooks, podcasts, and more. No trial or membership required. Simply sign in with your Amazon account.

Is there a non subscription audiobook service? ›

Chirp. BookBub's audiobook platform Chirp offers no membership fee or hold lines. You buy and own the books you choose.

Can you listen to audiobooks on your phone? ›

When you get audiobooks from Google Play, you can listen to the audiobook on your computer, mobile device, Google Home, and Google Assistant.

How much is Spotify Premium? ›

First, there is the Spotify Premium Individual subscription, which is $9.99/month. This allows access to all the Premium features such as no ad interruptions, on-demand playback, and downloading tracks for offline listening.

Are podcasts free on Spotify? ›

Anyone with a free Spotify account can listen to podcasts. However, they'll need a Premium account to download podcasts for offline listening, just like with songs and albums.

What is the maximum library size on Spotify? ›

Spotify users can to download a maximum of 10,000 songs on five different devices for offline listening, and all playlists are capped at 10,000 songs.

How do I get free audiobooks on my Iphone? ›

The LibriVox AudioBook app makes it easy to search the LibriVox catalog of free audio books. You can browse by title, author or genre, look at new recordings, or search by key word. Because the books are free, you can listen to as much or as little of a book as you like with no cost.

Why can't I listen to books on audible? ›

Sometimes the download may have been incomplete or corrupted. Delete the audiobook from your device and then re-download it. The issue may be with the device itself and not the Audible app. Try listening to the title using our Cloud Player or another Audible-ready device to see if the issue persists.

Does Spotify have podcasts? ›

Listen to your favorite podcasts, and discover many more including shows with music. Get recommended and featured podcasts and shows. Save the podcasts and shows you like. New episodes then automatically save.

How is Audius different from Spotify? ›

Audius is a decentralized music streaming platform. Unlike the centralized Spotify platform, Audius favors the creators. They offer much more freedom and options to creators. For example, how they can monetize their work.

How do I get audiobooks on my iPhone? ›

Find and buy audiobooks on your iPhone
  1. Open the Books app.
  2. Tap Audiobooks at the bottom of the screen.
  3. From here, you can explore new and featured audiobooks. If you want to browse genres and book store sections, tap Browse Sections at the top of the screen. ...
  4. To buy the audiobook, tap the price.
Dec 14, 2022

How do you keep what you listen to private on Spotify? ›

Click the arrow next to your username, and select Settings > Social. Under the Social header, you'll see the option to Share my listening activity on Spotify. Switch this option off, and your friends won't be able to see what you're listening to.

Where can I listen to good audiobooks? ›

Best Audiobook Service
  • Audible: Best quality and variety audiobook service.
  • Blinkist: Good non-fiction audiobook website.
  • Scribd: Best value for audiobook subscription.
  • Top service and superb quality.
  • Librivox: best free audiobook service.
  • Kobo. Things I don't like about Kobo.
  • Hoopla. ...
  • Google Audiobooks.

How to find audiobooks on Spotify reddit? ›

The short answer is… kinda. The long answer: Spotify users interested in listening to audiobooks can find them in their search, library and their curated recommendations on their homepage. The audiobooks will feature a lock icon over the play button to indicate that they need to be purchased.

Is there any free audio books? ›

LibriVox is a large database of audiobooks which are completely free and in the public domain. The site's books are read by voice actor volunteers from around the world and there are more than 16,000 titles available to download. You can search by title, subject, or author in dozens of languages.

Is it better to read or listen to audiobooks? ›

While listening to books activates the part of the brain responsible for language processing and reading a book activates more areas responsible for visual processing, both activities engage semantic processing of information in the same areas of the brain.

Why are all the Spotify audiobooks locked? ›

If you haven't yet purchased an audiobook a lock will appear next to the play button, informing you that you need to the buy the book before you can listen. If you want to unlock all of these new features on Spotify, just follow this guide.

What is the difference between Libby and audible? ›

Is Libby better than Audible? Libby and Audible are comparable. Audible has lots of new releases and popular books, but Libby is better for people who don't want to own books (and prefer only to listen to them).

How do I find an audiobook? ›

How to listen to Google Play audiobooks
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open Google Play Books .
  2. Tap Library.
  3. At the top, tap Audiobooks.
  4. Tap the audiobook you want to listen to. It will start playing.

Is Audible worth it on Amazon? ›

You can listen to 10 books a month if you feel so inclined! The selection on Audible is absolutely unbeatable. Many of the books are Audible-only, so you can't get them anywhere else. Audible is also really on top of getting new titles, especially bestsellers, quickly after they're released if not at the same time.

Is there a better audiobook app than Audible? ›

1. Libby. First up is the Libby app, which works by connecting your library card to access your local library's digital collection of ebooks and audiobooks. Libby offers a pleasant, intuitive interface with an audiobook player that resembles Audible's.

Which is the best free audio books app? ›

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is the Android equivalent of Apple Books, and you can download it to Apple devices as well.

What is the best audiobook app for seniors? ›

The Homer Player: an audio-book player designed for the elderly and great for everyone! The Homer Player is one of the most straight forward, elegantly simple, and delightful apps that I've stumbled upon. It hits all of the initial markers that I look for in Assistive Technology (AT):


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