Three easy and proven ways to increase AMH levels naturally (2023)

One of the common questions asked by our blog readers is:"Should I rush to IVF since my AMH levels are so low?"Apparently theThe oocyte reserve is an important factor in the success of IVFand therefore doctors feel a sense of urgency.

But for you, the goal is to get pregnant and stufflow ovary is not an important factor.What matters to you isImproving the quality of your eggswhich you can achieve with three simple activities. (One takes adelicious recipethat it is able to improve the quality of your egg beyond your imagination)

When everyone gets carried awayfear and anxietyOnly smart people pay attention and do things right. I'm sure you will stand your ground andMake decisions based on your knowledge and wisdom.

Anyway, let's get to our topic.

Low AMH Levels: What Does It Mean?

AMH levels reflect the number of eggs entering the maturation process. Low AMH levels mean fewer eggs get into the ripening process. In other words, low AMH levels are an indication of low egg reserve.

Don't make mistakes...

So, women going through menopause have low levels of AMH. That is understandable and obvious. But if you're a 30-year-old woman and have low AMH levels, it's time to take immediate corrective action to increase your AMH levels.

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If Increase AMH levels...

Here I want to tell you one important thing. Women with very low AMH levels can still get pregnant if the egg cell quality is good. Therefore, the goal of your fertility treatment should be to improve the quality of your eggs.

Is it possible to increase AMH levels naturally or is IVF the only option?

His age is over 35 years.

They have low AMH levels and high FSH levels.

You have been told that your eggs are of poor quality...

You are recommended for IVF or have failed IVF cycles.

You may think that you have almost lost the opportunity to get pregnant.

You're at a crossroads, not knowing what...

If you have low AMH levels and high FSH levelsWhat does that mean?

You are of advanced age and obviously your supply of oocytes and their quality is declining... The result of the AMH and FSH tests shows the same...

So why do you attach so much importance to the results of these tests?

With these facts in mind, the big question before you iswhether you can get pregnant naturally or not...

The direct answer to this question is: …

Yes, you can get pregnant if you focus on restoring your overall health...

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But if you only focus on IVF treatment without changing your diet and stressful lifestyle, the chance of getting pregnant is negligible...


IVF treatment does not improve the quality of your egg and therefore the chance of getting pregnant is minimal. Even if you can get pregnant, you may still have a miscarriage because the quality of the egg is poor. (NCBI)

Yes I know!

They desperately want children. This strong desire to become a mother is completely natural for every woman...

As a career-oriented woman, you have postponed your motherhood and your body is not responding in tune with your intense desires...

Does that mean you have to give up?

You're welcome!

Your body has wonderful healing powers.

This miraculous power is enough to make your wish come true...

It is advisable to rely on your body and not on your doctors...

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Observe life around you...

Pay attention to the plants around you...

Do they stop the growth of its leaves, flowers and fruit?

That's the truth…

A wise gardener never focuses on leaves, flowers and fruit... He only focuses on soil, water and fertilizer.

Why doesn't the gardener focus on leaves, flowers and fruit? Because he is wise and therefore focuses on creating the right conditions for the plant to grow by itself...

If modern doctors have this wisdom, they will not frighten you. They don't focus on conception. You will focus on creating the right conditions in your body...

Now let me ask you a question...

Can you get pregnant naturally with low AMH levels?

Of course he can...

You have more wisdom than your doctors...

If a gardener can do everything right, why can't you...?

So stop worrying about how to increase AMH levels... stop worrying about what your doctor says... stop worrying about what other people say...

From now on, your focus should be on thatcreate the right conditionsin your body and mind...

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Simply put, you are feeding the body the right nutrients... you are feeding your mind the feeling of improving your health and improving the health of your eggs...

Now here's what to do... Here are three simple tips that will improve the health of your eggs and increase your AMH levels naturally.

1. Exercise regularly and follow low-calorie diets:

Reducing calories along with exercise is a scientifically proven strategy to make your body feel more alive. Remember that eggs are life producing materials and therefore any lack of vitality and energy in eggs renders them ineffective.

Low-calorie diets and regular exercise improve cell metabolism, rejuvenate and bring vitality to the egg cells. Therefore, changing your diet and adapting to a new lifestyle with exercise should be the first corrective measures to increase AMH levels.

2. Eat marrow soup:

According to the ancient Chinese, bone marrow soup has been shown to replenish the quality of the egg. You will find this in any Chinese medical cookbook. Bone marrow soup is also very helpful in improving the thickness of the uterine lining.

Bone Strengthening Broth (makes 10-14 cups) (from Modern Cooking From Ancient Wisdom: Eastern Recipes for Health, Healing, and Long Life by Yuan Wang, Warren Shier, and Mika Ono)

Once you've made the broth, simply add ingredients of your choice: veggies like mushrooms, carrots, bok choy, or kale; and/or meat such as shrimp, chicken, beef or pork. Season to taste with salt or soy sauce. You can also make a large batch and freeze the broth for later use. Full recipe here...

3. Take DHEA Supplements:

DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone…. They are the hormones that regulate fat and mineral metabolism, sexual and reproductive function, and energy levels. DHEA levels will increase until your mid to late 20s and then gradually begin to decline... DHEA supplementation can certainly be beneficial, but consultation with a physician is highly recommended before supplementing and should be monitored regularly through laboratory testing . Continue reading

To sum up,Low AMH levels are an indication of a low egg reserve and poor quality of your eggs. The only way to improve egg supply, quality and AMH levels is to change your diet and lifestyle.

How to put this knowledge into practice and quickly get pregnant

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Three easy and proven ways to increase AMH levels naturally (1)

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How can I increase my AMH level fast? ›

It is possible to increase your AMH levels naturally. You can encourage your body to naturally raise levels of AMH by eating a diet which is rich in necessary nutrients, such as vitamin D. There is also research that shows women taking the micronutrients present in Impryl actually experienced increased AMH levels.

Does vitamin D increase AMH? ›

Vitamin D was shown to have a direct effect on AMH production, and women with higher vitamin D concentrations maintained their ovarian reserve for longer. In another study, lower serum 25(OH)D levels have been accompanied by higher serum FSH levels.

Can coq10 increase AMH? ›

The mean level of AMH in patients with PCOS showed that Q10 significantly decreased the AMH (2.2 ± 10.36 vs. 1.4 ± 8.57, p value = 0.02). Conclusion: The effect of Q10 intake as an inexpensive and effective therapy significantly reduced the level of AMH in patients with PCOS.

What time of the month is AMH highest? ›

In other published studies, a peak AMH level was observed in the mid-follicular phase; AMH levels then started to decline prior to a rise in serum E2 and reached their nadir in the early luteal phase 25 , 27 .

What stimulates AMH release? ›

AMH production is stimulated by the oocyte: evidence indicates that BMPs, such as BMP4, BMP6, and BMP15 originating from oocyte and theca cells, stimulate AMH mRNA expression by granulosa cells. On the contrary, FSH appears to have an inhibitory effect on AMH secretion, albeit still poorly understood.

Which vitamin is good for AMH? ›

Serum AMH was significantly decreased following vitamin D supplementation in polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) women (standardized mean difference (SMD) −0.53, 95% CI −0.91 to −0.15, p < 0.007), while it was significantly increased following vitamin D supplementation in ovulatory women without PCOS (SMD 0.49, 95% CI ...

How many eggs left low AMH? ›

Usually, when the Anti-Müllerian hormone level is less than 1, we should obtain a low number of eggs — around 3.

Can low AMH be reversed? ›

Treatment of Low AMH:- Usually there is no specific treatment for low AMH, however with life lifestyle management, vitamins and supplements pregnancy outcome may be improved. Lifestyle: The person must have proper nutritious diet, low in calories and high in protein. Diet should contain fresh fruits and vegetables.

How long does vitamin D take to increase AMH? ›

After 2 months of vitamin D supplementation, our results showed statistically significant increases in AFC and AMH levels and a statistically significant decrease in FSH level after supplementation.

What is the best treatment for low AMH? ›

Treatment with low AMH level
  • Yoga and Regular Exercise.
  • Balanced Diet.
  • Acupuncture.
  • DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) supplements. DHEA is mainly a hormone that has the ability to improve the quality and quantity of eggs.

How can I conceive naturally with low AMH? ›

Natural pregnancy with low levels of AMH. You can get pregnant naturally if you're having low levels of AMH as it fluctuates every month. However, it is possible for you to get pregnant naturally with your eggs or with donor eggs if you have a low AMH level.

Can I get pregnant with very low AMH? ›

You can get pregnant naturally if you're having low levels of AMH as it fluctuates every month. However, it is possible for you to get pregnant naturally with your eggs or with donor eggs if you have a low AMH level. Your low AMH level will not decide your fertility and there are other ways to improve your fertility.

How many eggs did you get with low AMH? ›

The patients with AMH between 1 and 3 ng/ml are normal responders obtaining 10-15 eggs during the ovarian stimulation. The ones with AMH below 1 ng/ml are poor responders (with less than 3 eggs per stimulation) and those with AMH over 3 ng/ml are characterised by a high response to the treatment (even over 15 eggs).

Can AMH 0.2 get you pregnant? ›

AMH level does not indicate or decide whether a woman will be able to conceive or not. As many women with low AMH didn't lose hope and kept trying for natural pregnancy.

What is a good AMH level to get pregnant? ›

A typical AMH level for a fertile woman is 1.0–4.0 ng/ml; under 1.0 ng/ml is considered low and indicative of a diminished ovarian reserve.


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