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Network marketing or multi-level marketing is considered one of the best ways to market and spread the word about a product. This method is gaining popularity with its proven popularity.Network-Marketing-StatisticsYSuccess Stories of Network Marketing Legends. Here the commercial roots are found in human connections and relationships; therefore, the business grows as the network expands. Many around the world have already proven that this is the best strategy and have made fortunes from their business.Epixel MLM SolutionsEpixel MLM Software provides technology solutions that help MLM and direct selling businesses digitally transform into a customer-centric organization.They have researched the resources available and have created this list of the top 100 gainers in multi-level marketing and their net worth. The winners and top network marketers on this list have had incredible leadership, connecting people, incredible vision, and have transformed their lives and their network. They made sure to follow thatSuccess Tips and Strategies for Successful Network Marketingand made great profits and profits.

Here is a list of top earners in the direct selling business with their annual earnings and lifetime earnings. We love sharing it with our readers, and who knows, someone might be inspired by the top earners list and join the company to find their place on the list.

List of Top Earners in Network Marketing Businesses for 2023

Here is the list of top earning network marketers for 2023.

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rangNameOrganizationTierraAnnual income (estimated)Lifetime earnings (estimated)
1Omar SalazarCODEMexico19.200.000 $12.000.000 $
2Ivan and Monica TapiaInstant Messaging Mastery AcademyEU18.000.000 $45.000.000 $
3Sergio PenunuriCODEMexico17.040.000 $1.200.000 $
4Jenna ZwagilMiElecciónDiariaEU12.720.000 $25.000.000 $
5Wellington tormentosototal life changesEU12.000.000 $25.000.000 $
6Jason Brown y Matthew RosaInstant Messaging Mastery AcademyEU9.600.000 $5.000.000 $
7Amira Habib and Paulo TuynmanomegaproNetherlands9.000.000 $6.000.000 $
8Stefania Lo Gatto and Daniel FeieryouthItaly, Germany8.760.000 $21.000.000 $
9Allan Badilla & Laura CastroMAYBECosta Rica8.760.000 $3.000.000 $
10Rolf KippLiving products foreverGermany8.400.000 $100.000.000 $
11bryce thompsonInstant Messaging Mastery AcademyEU7.800.000 $5.000.000 $
12Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbalasuccess factoryNetherlands, Italy7.200.000 $160.000.000 $
13Grupo Yager (Dexter Yager)AmwayEU7.200.000 $460.000.000 $
14Nathalie Nicole Smithtotal life changesEU6.636.000 $4.000.000 $
15Joachim Heberleininternational PMGermany6.420.000 $10.000.000 $
sixteenAna Canteratotal life changesDominican Republic6.300.000 $4.000.000 $
17johannes haremzaValenteEU6.000.000 $27.000.000 $
18Khalid ShaatRed Dubli - OmintoPIES6.000.000 $30.000.000 $
19Trin and with Vichaidithnew skinthailand6.000.000 $25.000.000 $
20alfred nicksonfinancial education servicesEU5.436.000 $5.000.000 $
21Andreas MatuskaLiconetMonaco5.412.000 $2.000.000 $
22Mark y Judy Willodsonthe happy coEU5.412.000 $ 6.000.000 $
23jeff robertJuice Plus+EU5.400.000 $105.000.000 $
24Calvin y Shannon BecerrayouthEU5.400.000 $11.000.000 $
25Enrique SalazarCODEMexico5.236.896 $4.000.000 $
26Viraj PatiliX globalAnd5.040.000 $2.400.000 $
27Bernstein and Dean de Grassenew lifeHave4.860.000 $
28Brian McClureenvironmental energyEU4.800.000 $20.000.000 $
29daniel that oneomegaproNigeria4.620.000 $
30Rodrigue SodansouomegaproHave4.620.000 $
31Oscar MendozaCODEMexico4.596.000 $3.000.000 $
32Alex RamosCODEMexico4.512.000 $3.000.000 $
33sharmeeka brookstotal life changesEU4.500.000 $3.000.000 $
34Antonio Valentino and Fabien da CunhaomegaproFrance4.380.000 $1.000.000 $
35Hamza Majdi y Mehdi Ben M'loukaMAYBEMorocco, France4.200.000 $
36Terje DusendLiconetNorway4.200.000 $1.000.000 $
37Brandon Martinez LugoCODEMexico4.200.000 $
38Jose ArdonMAYBEHonduras4.200.000 $10.000.000 $
39olivier pierMAYBEHave4.200.000 $1.000.000 $
40Rodrigo Avila CODEMexico4.165.248 $2.000.000 $
41ada gentlemandivine lifeMexico4.080.000 $2.000.000 $
42Felix Palomino GutierrezCODEPeru4.020.000 $3.500.000 $
43Julio M. Lamatotal life changesDominican Republic3.918.000 $3.800.000 $
44Jordi Oviedo & Lidia LorenzoCODEspain3.816.000 $2.000.000 $
45Gustavo SalinasVonDzynEcuador3.768.000 $
46nicola smith jacksonfinancial education servicesEU3.732.000 $14.200.000 $
47Dan and Megan ValentineOptavia-MedifastEU3.720.000 $12.000.000 $
48Carolina Herrera & Luis Fernando KeyCODEKolumbien, Costa Rica3.720.000 $1.400.775 $
49Alejandro Moreno & Dania JimenezCODEMexico3.720.000 $3.000.000 $
50Ed BestosoMelaleucaEU3.600.000 $55.000.000 $
51Nobuhiro Kanekothanks AIJapan3.600.000 $22.000.000 $
52BrandenThompsonInstant Messaging Mastery AcademyEU3.600.000 $1.000.000 $
53park jin hellouniformitySouth Korea3.600.000 $15.000.000 $
54austin godseyInstant Messaging Mastery AcademyEU3.600.000 $1.000.000 $
55Enrique & Graciela VarelaherbalifeMexico3.540.000 $15.000.000 $
56sung bettynew skintaiwan3.540.000 $28.000.000 $
57T. Wongsa & A. Chantarangsiyouththailand3.540.000 $2.500.000 $
58Mein Sevilla & RachelMelaleucaEU3.516.000 $1.500.000 $
59ryan higginsTruvyEU3.504.000 $7.600.000 $
60Violet VazquezCODEEU3.492.000 $1.000.000 $
61Christian Daniel Lopez CorralesVonDzynColombia3.456.000 $
62J. Kulsubmongkon & I. PrajogoyouthIndonesia, Thailand3.420.000 $5.000.000 $
63Roberto HollisMiElecciónDiariaEU3.372.000 $56.000.000 $
64Raphael RojasMelaleucaMexico3.360.000 $14.000.000 $
Sixty-fivegovernor sectionsecret direction of the seaSouth Africa3.300.000 $1.000.000 $
66Kathy Lauallied sciencesHong Kong3.276.000 $1.271.672 $
67Jared y Heather BurnettREINEU3.180.000 $16.000.000 $
68Samer Yorde and Paula LandinoVonDzynVenezuela3.156.000 $
69Dario MendozaCODEMexico3.144.000 $1.000.000 $
70Hayley HobsonDoTerraEU3.120.000 $10.000.000 $
71Islam MahomayouthEgypt3.120.000 $9.000.000 $
72Antonio NapolitanoGeniusEU3.120.000 $10.000.000 $
73islam wasfiyouthEgypt3.060.000 $10.000.000 $
74Mariel and Frank FilipponeQsciencesEU3.036.000 $
75Juan Carlos Torres and Myriam BizarroCODEspain$3.028.4401.117.713 $
76jess macphersonsecret direction of the seaEU3.000.000 $1.000.000 $
77Jeff y Maureen MillerMelaleucaHave3.000.000 $22.000.000 $
78Felipe Eckhartenvironmental energyEU3.000.000 $5.000.000 $
79steve thompsonenvironmental energyEU3.000.000 $13.000.000 $
80Iulian Cimbalasuccess factoryItalia3.000.000 $8.000.000 $
81Patrick y Ally SedivyDoTerraCanada, United States of America3.000.000 $4.000.000 $
82Barry Chi y Holly ChenAmwaytaiwan3.000.000 $75.000.000 $
83sunny hsu & debra hsiehAmwayPorcelain3.000.000 $14.000.000 $
84A. Benitez and Raquel CortezherbalifeEU3.000.000 $15.000.000 $
85nancy a handfulAmwayEU3.000.000 $125.000.000 $
86Patrick Maser y Mike MaserACNEU3.000.000 $9.000.000 $
87Kang Hyeon Sook & Ryu InIkAmwaySouth Korea3.000.000 $21.000.000 $
88nathan ricksnew skinEU3.000.000 $58.000.000 $
89Aurelie MoronomegaproSouth Korea3.000.000 $
90brittany hoofQsciencesEU2.892.000 $
91Nicola Palacios and Charlotte GrahamCODEPeru, Colombia2.883.924 $1.000.000 $
92Juan and Lori TartolherbalifeIreland2.880.000 $25.000.000 $
93Susana PetersonherbalifeEU2.880.000 $55.000.000 $
94Ivan Martinez & Juan FernandoMAYBEColombia2.760.000 $
95Philipp Birchfieldtotal life changesEU2.736.000 $5.500.000 $
96scott y sue olsenyouthEU2.700.000 $30.000.000 $
97Leonhard e Irina WeisbeinherbalifeRussia2.700.000 $15.000.000 $
98Carlos Alberto Ramos DegolladoCODEMexico2.688.000 $1.100.000 $
99Francesca FelderQsciencesEU2.676.000 $
100white schadaitotal life changesEU2.640.000 $1.000.000 $

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Data updated in May 2022
*The above list is subject to changes and market modifications.

In fact, the multi-level marketing business has brought many people's lives to a whole new level, the list is an inspiration to people.Join an MLM business. The people on the list entered the world of network marketing with lower profiles and later.acquired a wide range of skills. They transformed their potential to create a wider network with their ownmarketing method. The network these people created among themselves brought fame to their lives and spread to other distributors through the same outpouring of trust. It has helped them succeed and rank on the list of top earners in the MLM world!

In simple words, this shows you one important thing: you can live an honest life with a good network marketing and direct selling company, and one day you might be on that list too (no kidding: have a vision, sharpen your skills, connect with more people and get started, straight to the money) orTo start a businesswith your own products you will find this method as oneDirect sales marketing strategyand succeed.

Direct selling organizations also need recognition for theirs.Efforts to attract and retain these higher earners. Success is undoubtedly the result of hard work, loyalty and dedication. Obtaining these success factors from distributors is not easy for companies.Empower distributors with the right sales toolsYImplementation of the best marketing functions.They play a crucial role in success. Direct selling organizations have been hard at work on thisReward and retain your sales efforts.

Top MLM Earners Around the World

A Brief Introduction To The Top MLM Earners

Top 100 Network Marketing MLM Earners for 2023 - The Richest Network Marketers (1)

Ivan and Monica Tapia

Net worth: $45,000,000

(Video) Top 10 MLM Earners 2023

Country: United States

Empresa: IM Mastery Academy

Iván and Monika Tapia are phenomenal examples who have literally gone from rags to riches. Going from starting with just $500 in your MLM business to a net worth of $45,000,000 is nothing short of inspiring. Ivan and Monika are an absolute couple who stuck together through the worst of the global recession in 2008, which left them impoverished.

After providing business education to over thousands of students, these power couples have helped over 300 people earn over $10,000 a month in income and have made several millionaires on their behalf. Many newbies to the industry aspire to start over and never give up hope in the midst of the chaos that life would throw at them.

Top 100 Network Marketing MLM Earners for 2023 - The Richest Network Marketers (2)

Jenna Zwagil

Net worth: $25,000,000

Country: United States

Empresa: MyDailyChoice

Jenna is a firefighter. In addition to being an earner and distributor, she invested time and energy in developing herself and looking forward to life beyond money. This helped empower her to become one of the top earners in the network marketing industry with a net worth of $25,000,000. In fact, this mother of four children ignites the spirit of any aspiring entrepreneur to start a life from scratch.

Top 100 Network Marketing MLM Earners for 2023 - The Richest Network Marketers (3)

Wellington tormentoso

Net worth: $25,000,000

Country: United States

Company: Total Life Changes

Stormy Wellington is a phoenix that literally rose from the ashes. From the darkest tunnels her life has taken her to the light that she herself has made burn, she has seen it all. Stormy, whose net worth is $25,000,000, was voted the #1 Network Marketer in the world in 2015. She shed blood and sweat to help thousands of women become stronger in life. She trains women through her organization Girl Hold My Hand Inc. to get out of their heads and into their hearts. Stormy became a millionaire before she turned 30 and now has a position at a company where she advises more than 150,000 people.

Top 100 Network Marketing MLM Earners for 2023 - The Richest Network Marketers (4)

David Imonitie

Net Worth: $23,000,000

Country: United States

Empresa: IM Mastery Academy

David is a mentor who helps others grow as he grows. With this vision, he has successfully trained thousands of entrepreneurs who have broken into the direct selling industry. David Imonitie, whose net worth is $23,000,000, is also the author of a best-selling book Conceive Believe Achieve and founder of the iBelieve Foundation charity. His network supports people to improve their quality of life through lifestyle, attitude and finances. He has trained and mentored thousands of people to help them become 6 to 7 figure earners.

Top 100 Network Marketing MLM Earners for 2023 - The Richest Network Marketers (5)

Jason Brown y Matthew Rosa

Net worth: $5,000,000

Country: United States

Empresa: IM Mastery Academy

(Video) Top 20 MLM Earners in USA 2022 | Top Network Marketer 2022

Two friends, Jason Brown and Matthew Rosa, were struggling financially to pay off their credit card bills and pay off their student loans. They met at a corporate event in 2014 and decided to start a new life against all odds, the rest is history. Ranked among the top earners in network marketing, this duo have a combined net worth of $5,000,000 and live by their motto of "people over profit." Not only have they partnered with industry giants, but they also have over 50,000 customers around the world.

Top 100 Network Marketing MLM Earners for 2023 - The Richest Network Marketers (6)

Trin and Jirawan Vichaidith

Net worth: $25,000,000

Earth: Thailand

Company: Nu Skin

Trin and Jirawan Vichaidith is another successful networking couple whose net worth is $25,000,000. They are among the top earners in the industry who have managed to bravely fight against all odds.

Top 100 Network Marketing MLM Earners for 2023 - The Richest Network Marketers (7)

Celebration of Stefania Lo Gatto and Danién

Net worth: $21,000,000

Country: Italy, Germany

Company: Youth

Stefania Lo Gatto and Danien Feier are high-income network marketing couples who have a net worth of $21,000,000. Danien believes that a job should support life rather than getting used to the job. She found that with network marketing and climbed her way to success. The same goes for Stefania, who she believes in "choose a job you love and you won't work a day in your life". She fought to build her business in more than 23 countries in a short span of just three years.

Top 100 Network Marketing MLM Earners for 2023 - The Richest Network Marketers (8)

Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala

Net worth: $160,000,000

Country: Netherlands, Italy

Company: Success Factory

(Video) Top 15 Highest Paid MLM Leader | Network Marketers in America 2022

Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, net worth $160,000,000, are Dutch couples who have hundreds of thousands of network marketing affiliates in their downlines worldwide who, under their guidance and support, earn up to half a million dollars in commissions per month

Top 100 Network Marketing MLM Earners for 2023 - The Richest Network Marketers (9)

Rolf Kipp

Net Worth: $100,000,000

Country Germany

Company: Forever Living Products

Rolf Kipp is one of the most successful network marketers in Europe with a net worth of $100 million and an estimated monthly income of $700,000. He got into network marketing inspired by an interview and worked his way to success through his hard work and perseverance.

Top 100 Network Marketing MLM Earners for 2023 - The Richest Network Marketers (10)

Andreas Matuska

Net worth: $2,000,000

Earth: Monaco

Company: Lyconet

Andreas Matuska has a net worth of $2,000,000 and is one of the top twenty online marketers in the world. Matuska comes from a small town and found her way to success through years of struggle and hard work. He not only made money through network marketing, but he also educated people on how to be successful.

Income of top earners (2016-2022)

Information About MLM Winners

Which country has the most people earning MLM?

The US has 43 wage earners, the most wage earners in the top 100 list.

Which company has the most MLM revenue?

XIFRA contributes the largest number of MLM earners at 16%.

Which country does the highest earner belong to?

The best payer Omar Salazar is from Mexico.

(Video) Top 50 Earners of MLM, Direct Selling Industry in The world 2022

Who is the top earner in network marketing in the world?

Omar Salazar from Mexico is the top earner in network marketing.

What is the highest annual income of an MLM salaryman?

Jenna Zwagil is the top earner with an annual income of $12.72 million.

What is the highest lifetime income (net worth) earned by a person who earns MLM?

Yager Group (Dexter Yager) is a leader with lifetime net income of $460 million.

Who is the top earner in MLM in North America?

Omar Salazar from Mexico is the top MLM earner in North America with an annual income of $19.2 million.

Who is the highest earner in MLM in South America?

Félix Palomino Gutiérrez from Peru is the top MLM earner in South America with an annual income of US$4.02 million.

Who earns more in MLM in Europe?

Amira Habib and Paulo Tuynman from the Netherlands are the biggest MLM earners in Europe with an annual income of 9 million US dollars.

Who earns more in MLM in Asia?

Khalid Shaath from the United Arab Emirates is the top MLM earner in Asia with an annual income of $6 million.

Who is the top earner in MLM in Africa?

Daniel Onoja from Nigeria is the top MLM earner in Africa with an annual income of US$4.62 million.

(Video) Largest Direct Selling | Network Marketing | MLM Company In The World 2022

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Who is the highest paid person in MLM? ›

What is the highest lifetime income (net worth) earned by an MLM earner? Yager Group (Dexter Yager) leads with a net worth lifetime income of $460 million. Who is the highest earner in MLM in North America? Omar Salazar from Mexico is the highest MLM earner in North America with an annual income of $19.2 million.

What is the most successful MLM company? ›

17 Biggest MLM Companies in the World
  • The Body Shop. 2021 Revenue: $1.1 billion. ...
  • Oriflame Holding AG. 2021 Revenue: $1.1 billion. ...
  • Tupperware Brands Corporation (NYSE:TUP) 2021 Revenue: $1.6 billion. ...
  • Forever Living Products. 2021 Revenue: $2 billion. ...
  • Young Living. ...
  • PM International. ...
  • Mary Kay. ...
  • Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.
Feb 8, 2023

Are there any legitimate MLM companies? ›

Many MLMs, such as Amway and Avon, have stood the test of time and are considered legitimate. These are some of the upsides of joining a legitimate MLM: MLMs are an easy way to start a business. If you want to get started quickly, an MLM may be right for you.

Can you make a living off MLM? ›

Most people who join legitimate MLMs make little or no money. Some of them lose money. In some cases, people believe they've joined a legitimate MLM, but it turns out to be an illegal pyramid scheme that steals everything they invest and leaves them deeply in debt.

What is the best MLM company to work for? ›

Here are the top 5 MLM businesses.
  1. doTerra. doTerra is one of several MLM companies selling essential oils for health and wellness. ...
  2. Jeunesse. With its anti-wrinkle cream and other products, Jeunesse promises to reverse the signs of aging, if temporarily. ...
  3. Younique. ...
  4. Digital Altitude. ...
  5. Tecademics.

Who is No 1 direct selling? ›

1. MI Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd. A direct-selling company named Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited, an Indian Best Direct Company was established in Chennai in 2013 and provides customers with a selection of lifestyle products approved by the Ministry of AYUSH.

Which MLM company should I join? ›

Following is the list of top 10 MLM or network marketing or direct selling companies in India in 2021:
  • Amway India.
  • Forever Living.
  • Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited.
  • Vestige.
  • Future maker.
  • Herbalife.
  • Avon.
  • RCM.

Which is best MLM company in USA? ›

List of network marketing companies in USA
#CompanyYear Founded
3eXp Realty2002
4Avon Products1886
21 more rows
Feb 17, 2023

What is the fastest growing direct sales company? ›

5000 Names Beauty Society the Fastest-Growing Direct Sales Company in America. LAS VEGAS, August 16, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Inc. Magazine has revealed their 2022 ranking of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America, listing Las Vegas-based cosmetics company Beauty Society at No.

What is the oldest MLM company? ›

Vorwerk. The oldest MLM on the list, Vorwerk sells a mishmash of products ranging from household appliances to cosmetics.

Is Mary Kay an MLM? ›

Mary Kay Inc. is an American privately owned multi-level marketing company. According to Direct Selling News, Mary Kay was the sixth largest network marketing company in the world in 2018, with a wholesale volume of US$3.25 billion.

What products will be popular in 2023? ›

The 10 high-demand trending products and niches of 2023:
  • Teeth whitening.
  • Anti-snoring products.
  • Nail extensions.
  • Fake lashes.
  • Hair clips.
  • Hair extensions and wigs.
  • Yoga mats.
  • Shapewear.
Jan 16, 2023

What are the fastest growing companies in America? ›

What are the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America?
1. Ultra Mobile100,849%$118.2m
2. TRYFACTA28,365%$34.4m
3. Optima Tax Relief26,007%$33.6m
4. Castle Medical25,485%$83.6m
6 more rows

How many people make a living with MLM? ›

Only 25% of MLM participants turn a profit. While the FTC reports that 99% of MLM participants lose money, the more recent AARP study finds that the numbers aren't quite as stark. The AARP found that 25% of those surveyed made a profit, while 27% broke even. Only about half lost money.

How much does the average person make in an MLM? ›

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $289,000 and as low as $25,000, the majority of MLM salaries currently range between $38,500 (25th percentile) to $113,000 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $200,000 annually across the United States.

Can MLM make you rich? ›

Getting rich, attending a certain lifestyle that comes with the amassing of wealth, is everyone's dream. Some try to amass wealth on their own, by getting a good job, investing in financial and real estate assets, and by pursuing their own business.
How Many People Get Rich From Multilevel Marketing Networks.
Forward PE10.02
Qtrly Earnings Growth-6.30%
1 more row
Dec 30, 2016

Is MLM better than job? ›

The reality is that you need to control your income streams as much as possible, and that is one freedom you give up for a weekly paycheck when you get a job. People in network marketing never have to worry about that – their income is solely based on how well they perform as well as the people they recruit under them.

What is the best networking company in the world? ›

Cisco. Company overview: Founded in 1984, Cisco is among the largest networking hardware vendors in the world. In addition to networks, it has platform solutions for workplace collaboration and security.

Who is God of network marketing? ›

God of Network Marketing, Motivational Speaker Mr. SONU SHARMA....Start Network Marketing Direct Mentorship in Sonu Sharma.. . . .

What direct sales company can you make the most money? ›

The Best Direct Sales Companies
  • Beachbody.
  • Tastefully Simple.
  • PartyLite.
  • Stella & Dot.
  • BeneYOU.
  • The Cocoa Exchange.
  • Discovery Toys.
  • Gold Canyon.
3 days ago

Is direct selling hard? ›

Either way, becoming a direct salesperson will require hard work, networking, and passion for what you are doing, plus research into whatever product you are trying to sell. Direct selling is business, and one has to run it like a business, or there will be little to no success.

Can you be in 2 MLM companies? ›

Q: Can I belong to more than one company? A: Most network marketing companies will allow you to belong to more than one company. However, most companies do restrict their distributors' activities in promoting other companies' opportunities and products.

Which is better Pyramid or MLM? ›

Pyramid Schemes are, however, fraudulent schemes, disguised as an MLM strategy. The difference between a pyramid scheme and a lawful MLM program is that there is no real product that is sold in a pyramid scheme. Participants attempt to make money solely by recruiting new participants into the program.

Is Walmart an MLM? ›

So while the corporate structure of Walmart (or any other legitimate business) is shaped like a pyramid, it's not a pyramid scheme in the way that an MLM is. “Network marketing is just direct sales — like traveling salesmen peddling encyclopedias or insurance.

Which companies are growing very fast? ›

Scroll down to read our list of 25 fast-growing private companies in 2023.
  • OnlyFans. 5-year search growth: 9100% ...
  • StackBlitz. 5-year search growth: 2100% ...
  • Linktree. 5-year search growth: 2050% ...
  • Fandom. 5-year search growth: 236% ...
  • Lalamove. 5-year search growth: 459% ...
  • Preply. 5-year search growth: 1075% ...
  • Labster. ...
  • Oura Ring.
Jan 4, 2023

What is the fastest growing direct sales company in the US? ›

Beauty Society is honored to be ranked in the top 12% of this prestigious list, making it the fastest growing direct sales company in America.

What was the first MLM company in the US? ›

The business model of MLM as we know it today originated in the United States, although there's debate over which company was the first ever network marketing organisation. Avon claims to be one of the first having been set up in 1886 under the name of the California Perfume Company.

Why do most people fail MLM? ›

Most of the multi-level marketing organization fail because of poor financial management. Always go for a progressive, revolutionary, and steady company. At times, you dreamt of becoming the most flourishing network marketer, but you just never get on your track. You set a goal but don't take any concrete action.

Who is the highest paid Mary Kay consultant? ›

Achieving this milestone makes Gloria the first African-American woman in the company's 53-year history to hold this title. Since joining Mary Kay in 1988, Gloria has been a consistent record-breaker making monumental moves as a direct-selling multi-millionaire with over 11 million dollars in earnings to date.

Can you make a living selling Mary Kay? ›

You can earn up to 40 percent on everything you sell. † It's one of the highest income-earning percentages in the industry, making a Mary Kay business a great part-time choice or a lucrative full-time opportunity.

What is the most famous pyramid scheme? ›

Among the most notorious of these pyramid schemes are those that have become so famous that they still linger in the public consciousness. Companies like the infamous Ponzi scheme run by Charles Ponzi and the notorious Stanford Financial Group are infamous for their fraudulent activities and the lives they ruined.

What products will be in short supply in 2023? ›

Food Shortages in 2023
  • Bread.
  • Beers.
  • Canned Food.
  • Champagne.
  • Corn.
  • Pet Food.
  • Cooking Oil.
  • Oranges.
Jan 30, 2023

What companies will grow in 2023? ›

  • Bank of America's Best Growth Stocks of 2023.
  •, Inc. ( AMZN)
  • Constellation Energy Corp. ( CEG)
  • CoStar Group, Inc. ( CSGP)
  • Alphabet Inc. ( GOOGL)
  • Halliburton Co. ( HAL)
  • Eli Lilly and Company (LLY)
  • Match Group, Inc. ( MTCH)
4 days ago

What industries will grow in 2023? ›

2023 US sector outlook
  • Energy. Information. technology. Health care. Utilities.
  • Real estate. Materials. Industrials. Communication. services.
  • Consumer. staples. Consumer. discretionary. Financials.

What are the top 3 fastest growing industries? ›

The 10 Global Fastest Growing Industries
  • Global Airport Operation. 16.2%
  • Global Hotels & Resorts. 11.8%
  • Global Travel Agency Services. 11.8%
  • Global Tourism. 10.8%
  • Global Airlines. 7.7%
  • Global Reinsurance Carriers. 6.8%
  • Global Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing. 6.3%
  • Global Architectural Services. 6.2%

What industry is growing right now? ›

Fastest-Growing Industries
RankIndustryPercent Change
1Motion Picture and Video Exhibition71%
2Scenic/Sightseeing Transportation, Land65%
3Insurance and Employee Benefit Funds62%
8 more rows

Can U Get Rich in MLM? ›

Can you really make money in an MLM? The short answer is yes, but in reality, only a tiny percentage of representatives actually realize the high earnings advertised in MLM promotional materials and at meetings. Some people don't make any money at all, and some people actually lose money.

Can you lose money in MLM? ›

Most people join MLMs to make money, whether as a side hustle or a new career path, but the vast majority end up losing it. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)-endorsed book "The Case (for and) Against Multilevel Marketing," 99% of consultants end up losing money.

How long can an MLM last? ›

The same FTC report from Jon Taylor explains that 95% of MLM participants quit within ten years. Around 30% of all small businesses survive at least ten years, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. That means the typical small business has 6x the longevity, when measured by who's around after 10 years, of MLMs.

What billionaires say about network marketing? ›

WARREN BUFFETT Billionaire Investor “The best investment I've ever made.” JIM ROHN Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author “Network Marketing is really the greatest source of grass root capitalism, because it teaches people how to take a small bit of capital, that is your time, and build the American Dream.”

Is MLM a side hustle? ›

MLM companies may have the potential to be a great side hustle for earning extra cash, but they also run many risks.

What are the negatives of MLM? ›

The high degree of flexibility and autonomy also comes with a drawback. Distributors only receive limited support from the company. The lack of sales training or support from expertise may make their sales efforts very inefficient. Also, a multilevel marketing organization lacks control over its salesforce.

How long does it take for a MLM to fail? ›

At least 50% of MLM participants drop out after one year.

The AARP found that more than 50% of participants drop out after one year, and more than 90% drop out before 10 years. In contrast, about 20% of small businesses don't make it past one year, while about a third survive more than 10 years.

Why do so many people fail at MLM? ›

Most of the multi-level marketing organization fail because of poor financial management. Always go for a progressive, revolutionary, and steady company. At times, you dreamt of becoming the most flourishing network marketer, but you just never get on your track. You set a goal but don't take any concrete action.

How much does it cost to start an MLM? ›

With respect to the initial infrastructure costs of a startup MLM, it may be reasonably expected that a company will expend, during the first year, $100,000-$200,000 for four key infrastructure elements: legal, software, compensation plan design, and creative design for online and offline promotional materials.


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